Laveen home values 2018

A look at Laveen home values 2018

What to we look at with home values 2018? 

Well, we will be looking at the market activity by paying attention to a couple of key items which help us monitor the real estate market:

  1. Homes for sale
  2. Homes under contract
  3. Homes sold in last 30 days

In addition we will discuss the type of market, and if values appear to be appreciating, holding, or possibly depreciating.  As home home owner/seller or even buyer these are all important to know.


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The look at home values for Laveen 2018 start here/below.

I will post updates as weeks go by, so the latest update will appear on the top.



January 16th, 2018

The most recent numbers for the Laveen real estate market follow:

109 active properties for sale

101 properties under contract

45 properties sold in last 30 days

2.42 months current inventory

$111.42 was average $/sq foot

$237,803 was average sale price

70 was average days on market

Commentary – This was the lowest number of sales within a 30 day period, going back over a year.  This is generally the case, when we come into the holiday season, but last year we saw an anomoly when over 90 homes sold in the Holiday season.  This likely, due to the interest rates being hiked by the federal reserve.  As a result, we do have little higher inventory level at this time, but the market still favors the sellers.

If looking to sell your property, it is a great time to sell.  Keep track of averages, so you know to plan accordingly.

January 8th, 2018

Below are numbers going into our 2nd week of the year:

118 properties for sale

77 properties under contract

55 properties sold last 30 days

2.14 is current Laveen inventory

$112.89 was average $/sq ft

$243,310 was average sale price

72 was average time to sell

Commentary – Inventory remains low, and this means it continues to be a good time to sell.  Especially if your homes value is about the average for the area, if above time to sell can be longer.  Values, they also have been going up slow and steady.

January 2nd, 2018  – Happy New Year

Find below information on how we are currently positioned, and how we are closing out the year as far as Laveen real estate homes, properties and values:

110 properties available for sale

75 properties under contract

55 properties sold in last 30 days

2 is current inventory level

$111.64 was average dollar a square foot for sold properties

$239,039 was the average sale price for homes sold

67 was average days to sell

Commentary – I don’t recall writing an update, so early in the year (1 day), and as of today “0” homes have sold in the South Phoenix and Laveen area to date.  No worries, I’m sure we will have several by Friday.

We start the year, much as we left off, which is with a low level of inventory.  The seller market continues for the time being.  Values ended about 9% above the same time last year (Dec 16 vs. Dec 17), which is great for home owners/sellers.  We have seen pretty stable and consistent appreciation for the year.  To date, I have not seen anything in the numbers to indicate a change.

Good time to sell?  Yes it is.