Laveen home values 2017

A look at Laveen home values 2017

First, let me give you a little information about Laveen, and just below, you’ll see the most current update on values.

Why do people live here? 

While the weekly article will focus on Laveen home values, would like to start with what is Laveen.  Laveen Az  is a rural feel community where modern living meets a rural lifestyle, with close commutes to Central Phoenix.  Laveen Az is among the perfect choices there are in the Metro Phoenix area for an abode.  Laveen offers a variety of different style homes including horse property, santa fe, gated communities, custom homes on acreage, and all with great mountain views.  While laveen Az offers a very rural feel, all modern amenities are close by with easy access to grocery stores, drug stores, high way access and local area malls.  Outdoor enthusiast also can enjoy the 16000 plus acres of mountain preserve offered by South Mountain.  Laveen Az offers a little something for everyone.


Looking for a home in Laveen Az?

Click here for the most current list of homes for sale in Laveen Az.


What’s Laveen Az like?

Laveen Az has several different style communities that make up this Phoenix suburb.  Originally Laveen Az had been mostly an agricultural and dairy area, as is still evident by some of the area dairies and plenty of open acreage that is farmed.  With that in mind you still have some older homes in the area which were originally housing for workers to the land in the area.  As the area began developing many farmers  sold off their land and eventually gave growth to new home subdivisions.  There are several new home subdivisions in the Laveen Az area, with the majority being built 2000 -2008.  There are also several 1 acre custom home sites that were built along the southern edges of laveen Az and as well as around 51st ave/Dobbins as well as 67th ave and Baseline.  So you have open farm land, horse properties on acreage, some older homes in pockets, and also several newer home subdivisions.

If your considering selling, I would recommend a home evaluation by a professional realtor.  While the numbers here given are information, they also use all homes in the Laveen Real estate area, and it is best to use similar homes when deciding on home value.

June 19th, 2017

Find below the latest and greatest along with some market commentary to follow:

160 properties currently for sale

124 properties under contract

117 sold last 30 days

1.36 months current inventory

$111 was average $/sq foot for sold homes

$231,075 was average sale price

57 was average days on market, for sold homes

Commentary – Well, as one can see we have gone into the summer months and the volume of sales has increased!  In truth, this is about the only seasonal change I’ve witnessed in all the years in real estate, that is fairly consistent in our area.  That is to say, we see a increase in the number of homes sold.

So we are still in a seller market, with low inventory, and this is great for home owners.  It is a great time to sell, as there are many buyers looking for homes, and little to choose from.

June 12th, 2017

Here are the latest numbers for Laveen home values:

156 active properties for sale

133 properties under contract

100 properties sold last 30 days

1.56 current market inventory level

$110.41 average $/sq ft for homes that sold

56 was average days on market

$227,679 was average sale price

Commentary – The seller market continues.  They key indicator, is really the level of inventory we are currently experiencing, which is at 1.56 today, and indicates a seller market.  We still see a pretty significant gap between the average list price per square foot $117.90 and the average sale price per square foot $110.41.  When looking at the entire zip over the last year, variance has been anywhere from about $25,000 to upwards of $40,000 difference.  Point is, price it right, or it won’t sell.

Homes are selling relatively quick, with the average for zip just under 2 months.  Is it a good time to sell?  I would say yes, as it is a seller market and home values have increased and now are holding pretty steady.

June 5th, 2017

Here are the newest numbers:

153 active properties

145 properties under contract

90 sold last 30 days

1.7 months inventory

$109.87 average $/sq ft

$231,664 was average sale price

Commentary – Again not much change.  Seller market, values are steady with slight appreciation.  Great time to sell.

May 30th, 2017

I hope everyone had an enjoyable memorial day weekend, and took some time to remember those who lost their lives in service of our country.

Here are this weeks numbers and the update:

161 properties currently for sale

149 properties under contract

74 properties sold in last 30 days

2.17 is the current inventory level

$230,060 was average sale price for homes sold

$111.17 was average dollar a square foot for sold homes

Commentary – Not really much to add, the Laveen real estate market really has been very steady and consistent.  Values continue to hold steady to date, with slow year over year growth.  With interest rates still at these historic lows, it makes it a great time to buy.  Also, with values having seen almost 3.5 years off appreciation, it is also a great time to sell.  Gone are the days with a high percentage of home owners had No equity, most homeowners now can sell and walk away with money.

Sellers, you often hear about selling to an investor and avoid the hassle.  As they say, if it sounds to good to be true, it likely is to good to be true.  An investor always tries to make money, and the way to do it when buying directly from the homeowner, you do it by sharing in THEIR equity.

May 22nd, 2017

Find below the most recent information for homes, values and recent activity in Laveen Az:

156 properties active and for sale

153 properties under contract

75 properties sold in last 30 days

2.08 is current month inventory

$112.42 was average $/sq ft

$231,807 was average sale price

59 was average time to sell

Commentary – Market and home values continue as they have been going.  That is to say, we continue was steady sales, values are holding steady and buyers are buying.  We have a low inventory of homes, and turn over is happening relatively quickly, with homes averaging about 59 days to sell.


May 15th, 2017

Find below the latest information and activity for the Laveen real estate market:

155 properties currently for sale

138 properties under contract

74 properties sold in last 30 days

63 was average days to sell

2.09 months inventory

$111.45 was average $/sq ft

$232,612 was average sale price

Commentary-  Folks, really not much change.  We are still seeing a seller market, which is an inventory under 3 months.  Inventory is still basically pretty low, and there are indeed buyers out there looking for homes.  Values have been pretty steady, though you can see from past posts that we are seeing some slow appreciation over the course of the last year.


May 8th, 2017

Below are the latest numbers, followed by a brief commentary on the market:

153 active properties

139 properties under contract

69 properties sold in last 30 days

2.21 current inventory

49 is average days on market for sold homes

$225,131 was average sale price

$111.93 was average $/sq foot for homes sold

Commentary – Over all, the market just keeps on moving the way it has for the last year plus.  It is a seller market, inventory is low, and we are seeing slow appreciation.  You’ll notice on some weeks values $/sq foot may be either up or down, but overall it is a steady and slow appreciation to date.

Is it a good time to sell?  I would suggest that it is indeed.  With low inventory, you have more buyers competing for available homes and can negotiate the best net in your favor.  Also, values have increased since 2013 (4 years and counting).  Will this continue?  Who knows for sure, much like all else out there, we will have to wait and see.


May 1st 2017,

Welcome to the new month, lets dive in and see what numbers look like today:

154 active properties for sale

129 properties under contract

69 properties sold last 30 days

$111.89 was average $/sq foot for homes sold

$217,955 was average sale price

45 was average days on market

281 sales in area year to date

Commentary – Well, again not too much change.  We continue with a seller market, which is to say a low inventory of homes for sale.  Yet, be careful, this is the case for Laveen Az as a zip code, not necesarily by price range or housing type.  What I mean is, if your home for example is price over $400,000 you are in a complete buyer market or if your selling horse property again buyer market.  So know your market first if considering a sale.

Values continue steady, although you could call it slow appreciation.  We have seen year over year growth and that is a healthy thing.

April 24th, 2017

There is really been a trend in the Laveen real estate market, for what seems a fairly long time.  The trend has been one of low inventory and seller market.  Here are this last weeks and current numbers:

160 properties currently for sale in Laveen

137 properties currently under contract

76 properties under contract

2.1 months inventory

$110.79 was average $/sq ft

$233,930 was average sale price

61 was average days on market

Commentary – Not much new to report, basically  you could read the below commentary, and it would be pretty much the same.  Seller market, good time to sell.

April 17th, 2017

Not too much change, in fact market continues at it has been for some time. Below are the latest statistics for Laveen Az:

159 properties currently for sale

131 properties under contract

77 properties sold last 30 days

2.06 current market inventory

$110.88 was the average dollar a square foot for sold homes

$230,857 was average sale price

63 was average days on market

Commentary – Like stated above, and as you can see if you’ve read below entries……….the market continues as it has been.  It is a seller market in Laveen Arizona, with 2.06 months of inventory, which is low.  Homes that are really selling the fastest are those priced under $225,000.  Horse property in Laveen is also selling pretty quickly, but mostly those under $350,000.


April 10th, 2017

See below the most recent information:

154 properties currently for sale

124 properties currently under contract

78 properties sold in last 30 days

1.97 is current inventory

$111.26 was average $/sq foot for homes that sold

$231,679 was average sale price

225 properties sold year to date

Commentary – As you can see from numbers above, it is still a seller market in the South Phoenix real estate marketplace.  Values have been holding steady, with of course some appreciation year over year.

In short, it is a great time to buy or SELL!  Values are not likely to see any HUGE increase in months or years to come, just continued slow appreciation.  Also, good time for buyers, as there is still awesome interest rates.

April 3, 2017

Here are the latest numbers, looking back 30 days:

158 properties for sale

111 properties currently under contract

82 properties sold last 30 days

1.92 is current inventory

$111.54 was average dollar a square foot for homes that sold

$231,756 was the average sale price

207 sales year to date

Commentary –  Things are starting to pick up a bit in Laveen, with more homes closing.  This is seasonal, something we see every year as we go into spring and summer, which is when more folks move.  Values are holding steady, as well, with small appreciation which is good.

March 27th, 2017

Let us review this past week’s numbers, and look at the over all outlook for real estate in Laveen Az.

156 active properties for sale

118 properties under contract

75 properties sold in last 30 days

2.08 is current inventory level

$108.33 was average sold per square foot

$222,469 was average sale price

70 was average days on market

Sales year to date in Laveen Az – 182 so far

Commentary – If you notice over the course of the year to date, we have seen an increase in number of homes for sale in Laveen.  Yet, we also have seen an increase in homes under contract, and the number of closings has been steady.  All this basically still shows a seller market with 2.08 inventory at this time for single family homes in Laveen Az.  Inventory is still low, demand is still good, so it continues to be a seller market……………..which is a great time to sell.  The most sales occurred in the $180,000 to $250,000 price range for the past month.  This is of course something that makes sense, as the average home sale in Laveen currently is about $222,469 as shown above.

March 20, 2017

Here are this weeks numbers:

160 available homes on market

118 under contract

74 sold in last 30 days

71 was average days on market

$107.72 was average $/sq ft for homes sold

$230,629 was average sale price

163 sales year to date!

Commentary – Not much change, as per usual lately.  Inventory in Laveen has been nothing short of consistent, and the seller market continues.  Values again, pretty much holding steady, but as mentioned many times before there is some gradual appreciation.  By this, I mean you may see 3/5 percent increase in next year, but nothing crazy in a short period.

March 13, 2017

Lets look at the numbers for this week:

147 active properties for sale

122 properties under contract

65 closings last 30 days

2.26 current months inventory

$105.76 was average dollar a square foot for homes sold

$232,439 was average sale price

73 was average days on market

Commentary – The things continue pretty much as they have been.  The market is what I would describe as stable, with slow appreciation.  The market still does favor sellers, at 2.26 months current inventory.  Good time to sell.

March 6, 2017

How about we look at something just a little different today.  Here are some basic numbers to get us started:


Current                                                                               Last year

149 properties for sale                                                     150 properties for sale

70 properties sold last 30 days                                      68 properties sold last 30 days

2.12 inventory level                                                          2.20 inventory level last year

$108 average sold/sq ft                                                  $99.19 average sold square foot

Comments – well as one can see some things have not changed much since last year, but one key thing has, can you see it?  Number of properties on the market, number of sales, and even properties sold were all pretty much the same, almost identical really.  The main difference though, home values have gone up.

If you’re considering selling, call me and lets see what your home could sell for in todays Laveen real estate market.  602-373-6345

February 27th, 2017

143 properties currently for sale

120 properties under contract

65 properties sold last 30 days

2.2 months current inventory

$112.13 was average $/sq ft for homes that sold

$228,729 was the average sale price

68 was average days on market

Comments – Well as you can see, we did see a little increase in number of active listings, so active listing inventory grew a bit.  We also did see a slight increase in homes that went under contract, but decrease in sales in the last 30 days.  Most sales do occur toward the end of month, so we may see that number pick up when we review closings next monday.  Homes are indeed still selling, and are doing so in Laveen on the average in about 68 days.

The key as always, is if you are looking to sell price it right, have the home looking good, and get the marketing pieces out there so that potential buyers know your home is for sale.

February 22, 2017

136 properties active for sale

114 properties under contract

71 properties sold last 30 days

1.91 months inventory

$112.49 average $/sq ft

$218,116 was average sale price

71 was average days on market

Commentary – Not much change.  Sellers market still, and that is good for sellers.

February 13th, 2017

142 properties currently for sale – up from last week

105 properties currently under contract

70 properties sold last 30 days

$112.06 was average $/sq ft for homes sold

$220,370 was average sale price

71 was average days on market

Commentary – Really not much change in the Laveen real estate market, or even home values.  You may, if you read previous post, notice a slight change up and down in sales prices and even dollar a square foot.  Yet, these are all pretty static with not a big change.  Also, if there is a change, does it stay consistent over a period of time.  As an example, this week we do see a increase in $/sq foot of about $5, but will that stick?  Chances are it will NOT, and the reason is we saw a very high sale in the area which is lifting up the numbers.  Yes, we had a almost $600,000 sale this past week, and that increase the average.  Watch, within about 2/3 weeks, it is likely to go down.  If it does not, well then we notice a good trend, that are values continue to go up.

February 6th, 2017

134 properties actively for sale

103 properties currently under contract

63 sales in the last 30 days

2.12 inventory at this time

$107.25 was average $/sq foot for homes sold

$210,747 was average sale price

62 was average days on market

Commentary – Not really much change in the Laveen real estate market at this time.  Values are holding steady, as are the average days to sell.  Inventory remains low, and this still favors sellers.  No really much more to add.  It continues to be a good time to sell.

January 23rd, 2017

Lets go ahead and share the numbers for this past week, and then follow it up with some quick commentary:

136 properties currently active on the market

107 properties under contract at this time

61 properties sold in the last 30 days

2.22 is current market inventory

$114.40 was average $/sq ft for homes that sold

69 was average days to sell

$223,834 was average sale price

Commentary – So is it a good time to sell in Laveen?  Sure, I think it is a good time to sell.  Values have increased rapidly at times, and steadily at others since January 0f 2013.  Will values continue to rise?  Well NO ONE really has the crystal ball, and anyone that says different is giving a guess, albeit maybe educated……..but still a guess.

We just saw the inventory go up a slight bit in the last week.  Some of that could be seasonal, as maybe less home went under contract in the Christmas time frame.  Values are steady, as is seen by tracking the average $/sq foot and the average sales prices.  We continue in a seller market, and that means – yes it is a good time to sell.

January 16tn, 2017

Welcome to another weekly update, for the Laveen real estate market and home values.  Lets look at the numbers, and then I’ll add some quick comments:

133 active properties for sale in Laveen Az

109 properties currently under contract

66 properties have successfully closed in the last 30 days

2.01 current monthly inventory

$108.19 was average price per square foot for homes sold

$231,736 was average sale price

66 was average days on market

Commentary – Really, not much change we can talk about.  Yes, slight increase in the inventory, but it does not have any affect.  The market is still a seller market, especially in the sub-$250,000 market.  We have seen 16 closings year to date, so that picked up a bit.  On average, homes that sold are still selling for just a tad bit under their final list price at time of sale.  Lowest sale ended up selling for almost 8% under their ask price……yikes.  It is a good time to sell, and the market does favor sellers a bit.


January 9th, 2017

Out of the South Phoenix zip codes, Laveen is really getting the slow start to the year.  Year to date, Laveen has only seen 3 closed homes.  Here are the most current stats, and please be sure to call me if you have any questions:

139 properties currently active for sale

107 properties currently under contract

77 properties sold in the last 30 days

1.8 months current inventory

$107.76 was average for sold homes

$234,822 was average sale price

77 was average days on market

Commentary – Well at this time, really not much change.  Though, as noted at the beginning of article, Laveen is off to a slow start with only 3 homes sold year to date, it has though, still closed the average of homes in last 30 days.  The real estate market also begins the year as it ended, in a seller market.  Inventory is low, and buyers do not have as many options.  Also, while it is competitive for buyers, the average list to sold ratio is 99%, which indicates homes are eventually selling for on average just a little below list price.  So homes, are not going for over market value.  If that were the case, we would be seeing sales over the 100% mark, and that has not been the case for months now.

Take away – if you want to sell price the home right.  Not noted in numbers above, is that 95% of homes sold, were financed.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE HAD WITH A FINANCED HOME?  Yes, an appraisal.  Even if you asked for over market value, and got an offer, you’d still more than likely need an appraisal.

January 2nd, 2017

Well we begin the year, with pretty much a market similar to where we left off.  Lets start with looking at the current numbers for today, to help us begin our Laveen home values journey for 2017:

143 property currently for sale in Laveen

98 properties currently under contract

85 properties sold last 30 days

1.68 is current market inventory

$106.33 was average $/sq foot for homes sold

$230,034 was average sale price for homes sold

65 was average days on market for those homes that sold

Commentary – Well, again we are in a seller market.  We have seen a little drop in the number of active listings on the market, and of course a dip in number of new listing that came to market over the holiday.  Though, If a home owner looks at the number of homes sold over the last 30 days, one would see that HOMES DO SELL during the holidays!!  Many tend to think to wait, because homes don’t sell during the holiday, but that IS NOT the case.  Interest rates are still low, home values have increased but are still affordable, and with the low inventory level the market is still great for both buyers and sellers.  Buyers, because the cost of borrowing and buying is still great.  Sellers, because home values in Laveen have risen, and MANY can now sell for a tidy profit.

Buying a house in Phoenix with bad credit

Are you interested in buying a house in Phoenix with bad credit?  Truth is there really is a limited number of ways to buy a home when in possession of bad credit.  I would like to share something though, that can help you relatively quickly purchase a home, even if you have bad credit today.  So stay with me here for a short bit, in the end you may be able to purchase a home and do so using traditional lending, paying the same rates as others!!!!  No gimmick, no tricks, just working with people that know how to fix the credit quick and allow you to purchase a home.

While one can likely find some loans that will conform to folks with bad credit, they often will cost you more money.  Some examples would be seller financing or even hard money loans.  Matter a fact I know of a portfolio loan program that will finance homes for some people recently out of short sale or foreclosure.  Yet you still likely will have to put a larger amount of money down, pay a higher interest rate, and still meet certain criteria.  This quick article is not to inform you of those loans, but to share how you can do traditional financing, getting good interest rates and doing so with repaired credit.

I work with a group of lenders that understand how to quickly repair bad credit.  I work with these lenders because like myself they have a desire to help people as well as make a living.  There is no secret here, we all make our living in the real estate field.  I myself make my living by helping people with their purchase and sale of homes just like the lender makes money by helping people get financing.  Yet, we get great pleasure in helping people attain home ownership especially since other lenders have denied them a loan.  The issue is not whether we can help you get financing, everyone can qualify to get financed for the home, the real question is when and what needs to be done.  This will be different for all, but it will depend on current credit condition and what appears on credit, and then making the necessary plan to address and repair the credit.

What will happen to increase your credit?  First of course your credit will need to be pulled and analyzed.  Second a couple of scenarios will be given for financing a home.  Third, a step by step process will be given on how to repair your specific credit issues.  I have seen this myself first hand, and sometimes within 30 days!!!  That is right I have seen someone with bad credit who was able to have their credit score increased enough to qualify for a home loan within a very short time.  This is amazing!!!  This group of lenders I work with are great, and they walk the walk, and talk the talk.

So how do you start on the path to buying a house in Phoenix with bad credit?  Simple, fill out the information below or call me directly.  My goal is to place you in contact with my lenders who will help get your credit to the point to qualify for a home loan.  Once we have you ready to go with the loan, I will work with you personally to find, negotiate and purchase the home that fits your needs.  Of course the lenders who have helped you repair the credit will be doing the financing.  This is a team effort to help you get back to home ownership or helping you purchase your first home.

Don’t allow your current credit situation to dictate your life.  Take control of your credit, and you can do this by gaining the knowledge of things needed to be done to repair bad credit.  Call or request a call today and let’s get you buying a house in Phoenix with bad credit today!!  You may be closer to home ownership than you think.

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Homes for Sale In Laveen Az

Homes for sale in Laveen Az

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How can you find current homes for sale in Laveen Az?  Simple, you’ve already come to the right spot.  Matter of fact, this blog post here will give you several preset searches for Homes for Sale In Laveen Az  that may be of interest.  This will not cost you a thing, I do this for your convenience as a home buyer searching in Laveen Az.  While I may not be able to exhaust and prepare every conceivable search that may be of interest, I’ll try to make readily available those that are the most popular Homes for Sale In Laveen Az  searches.

Lets first start with Homes for Sale In Laveen Az  in specific subdivisions.  Just click the hyper link and you’ll be able to see all homes currently on the market in that specific subdivision.  If you have any questions in regards to any Homes for Sale In Laveen Az , please don’t hesitate to ask.

Homes for Sale in Laveen Az in specific Subdivisions

Montana Vista homes for sale

Paseo Point homes for sale

Villages at Laveen Ranch homes for Sale

Estrella Mountain Village

Laveen Ranch

Dobbins Point

Cheatham Farms

Laveen Meadows

River Walk Villages


Homes for sale in Laveen Az by Description

Homes for sale in Laveen Az with a pool

Homes for sale in Laveen with 3 bedrooms

Homes for sale in Laveen with 4 bedrooms

Homes for sale in Laveen with 5 bedrooms


Homes for Sale in Laveen Az by Price Range

$150,000 and Under

$150,000 t0 $200,000

$200,000 to $300,000

$3000 to $400,000

$400,000 and UP


Lastly lets look at Homes for Sale in Laveen Az that is horse property

Laveen Horse property for sale


This is a pretty good list of homes for sale in Laveen Az, and is the most current and up to date for current homes on the market.  Hope you find it useful, and make sure to let me know if you have any questions.

Laveen Realtors better for Selling my Home?

By David Baker

Laveen Realtors indeed are better for selling your home in Laveen, and let me tell you why.


Laveen realtors often will live in the area, and who better to have a vested interest in you getting the best price.  Now, not all Laveen realtors will actually live in Laveen, but they will work the area as their farm.  Basically this means they also have a vested interest in the area, as they have decided it is there place of work.


Laveen realtors will know the area market the best.  Can’t speak for all realtors, but as to myself, every Monday morning I study the market conditions.  I look up Metro Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Scottsdale, but more specifically Laveen and South Phoenix.  I do these studies so that I know the real estate market and values of homes in areas around Phoenix.  Yet being a South Phoenix an Laveen realtor, I really look deep into the South Phoenix and Laveen real estate market.  I’d assume most Laveen realors also will look up to see any new homes coming on to the market, cancellations and even expired’s in the Laveen area.


Laveen realtors may sell your house much faster than a realtor that does not specialize in the area.  It may not come immediately to mind, but when considered what agent most likely will have at any given time willing and able buyers looking to buy a home in Laveen?  I would bet that most Laveen realtors are generally working with one or more buyers looking to buy in the Laveen area.  If you decide to use a realtor specializing in Luxury homes in the Biltmore, do you think the have a pocket buyer looking for a small acre ranch in Laveen?  Chances are likely very small that a realtor specializing outside the area would have any buyers they are working with currently looking to buy  in Laveen.


Laveen realtors are area specialist, and will help you best.  I’ve been a full time Laveen realtor since 2004, and have helped over 100 sellers since 2011, in selling their home.  If your looking to sell your Laveen home, and are considering Laveen realtors, please contact me so I can share my marketing and experience to get your home sold too.

Laveen Realtors

Buying A Home in Laveen or South Phoenix

By David Baker

Thinking about buying a home in Laveen or South Phoenix?  Well, this could be the start of the right time for you to begin your Laveen or South Phoenix home search.  Let me share with you why.

1st reason it is a good time to be buying a home in Laveen or South Phoenix is that inventory levels are going up.  Yes, increased inventory means more selection for you home buyers ready to start looking.  It also means that with more homes on the market, you likely will not have to compete with other buyers or as many other buyers for the same Laveen or South Phoenix home.  For most of 2013 buying a home in Laveen or South Phoenix could prove challenging because of the low inventory and amount of competition for the homes.  It was a common occurrence to have multiple offers on one property, with most properties being sold over ask price and for cash buyers.  Times are changing.

2nd reason it is a good time to be buying a home in Laveen or South Phoenix is that interest rates are still great!!  While we did experience some really incredible interest rates in 2013, 2014 is starting the year with great rates as well.  Not sure many buyers realize, but you could get an interest almost half of what interest rates where back in 2007.  So take advantage of your purchase power right now, and begin your  home search today.

3rd reason it is a good time to be buying a home in Laveen or South Phoenix is seller contributions to closing costs.  In most of 2013, because of the low inventory and high competition concessions to buyers where all but non-existant.  With inventory levels rising buyers now can likely get concessions from sellers toward their closing costs.  Why is this good?  In short, it will save you money you’d have to pay in order to secure your home loan, and it will be paid by the seller if they agree to concessions.  Again, chances for concessions are better because inventory is up, and sellers now will begin to compete for the buyers.

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Homes for Sale in Phoenix 85041


Homes for sale in Phoenix 85041.  I’ve been working both the South Phoenix and Laveen areas for going on 12 years, and love to be able to help both home buyers and sellers.  For buyers, the most important starting point for the search, is finding  available homes for sale in  Phoenix 85041.


For Buyers,  recent surveys show that 97 percent  begin their search online.  Your desire to start your search online is why I’ve made available  all the homes for sale in Phoenix 85041.  When you find a home on line though, you’ll need to use a realtor to be able to view home, find comparable homes and to make a educated and wise offer, and of course to help you navigate the purchase of your home.

For sellers of homes  in the Phoenix 85041 area, what would you like most?  First thing most sellers want is a buyer who is qualified, a buyer that is willing and able to buy their homse in Phoenix 85041.  Let us not forget that most sellers also want to sell their home at the best price for their needs.  In order to do this you’ll want to make sure and get the current market value for your home.  You can have an area realtor help you find that value.

There are many realtors working in the South Phoenix and Laveen market, so you have many choices of realtors.  With many choices though comes hard decisions, such as selecting an agent that can truly benefit you the most.  Here is a statistic for you, 1/4 (11,134) of the license agents in Arizona have sold more than 3 homes in a year.  Of those agents 11,134,  less than 1500 agents in the state of Arizona have sold more than 10 homes.  So you have to make sure and do your home work to select a realtor in the South Phoenix and Laveen area that has enough experience to truly know the market, and have the skill to best market and negotiate the sale of your home.


I am a realtor specializing in the South Phoenix and Laveen area.  I have also sold over 50 homes a year in the last several years.  You can view some past client testimonials to see if you’d like to work with this realtor to help sell or buy in South Phoenix or Laveen.

Homes for sale in Phoenix 85041

New FHA Change coming to Laveen Area and Maricopa County

By David Baker

Change to financing homes in Maricopa County, including Laveen is coming for buyers using an FHA loan.  This will be the second change this year for the FHA which affects buyers.

The first FHA change of the year came in April 2013.  The FHA change came in the form of the mortgage insurance premium no longer falling off after 78% loan to value is attained.  Prior to April, once your home value reached that 78% of loan to value, it would fall off the loan.  The MIP for a home loan of about $193,000 can be about $1700 a year or $141 a month. (This is example, and not exact).  So if your loan now does not have the MIP drop off at reaching 78%, and loan is kept for thirty years, one could pay easily over $20,000 to MIP.

The new change now coming takes affect starting January 1st, 2014.  The new FHA loan limit in Maricopa County is being reduced to $271,050.  This includes a suburbs and cities, including South Phoenix and Laveen.  To most in this South Phoenix and Laveen area, this change will not have a major impact, as our area average home price in Laveen stands at $190,000.  To other area in Maricopa County, this could have an effect in which loan type a buyer selects.

Laveen homes for sale

South Phoenix Homes for sale

Sellers Tips for South Mountain or Laveen Home Owners

By David Baker – Things sellers should consider if sellling in South Phoenix, South Mountain or Laveen.


Likely the single biggest mistake home sellers in our area make, is to set a too high list price. A list price suited both to the home and to the market conditions will likely attract more buyers, increasing the likelihood that you’ll get a higher price in the end.

Staging the Home

Sellers houses that are not at their best are another source of lost profit. Act on good advice you are given about cosmetic changes and minor repairs.  Small cosmetic changes that are cost effective can make a large impact on first impressions from buyers.

A sellers home that shows clean, tidy and sweet-smelling goes without saying.

  • Sellers should allow for viewing hours for the greatest accessibility to buyers. In a competitive market, people can easily go elsewhere and fall in love with another house.
  • Home sellers should not be home during the showings. Prospective buyers feel more comfortable raising concerns and poking about when the current owners are not present.
  • Home sellers should remove as many personal items as possible. The things that mark the house as yours interfere with the buyers’ abilities to imagine it as theirs.


Other Considerations

Sellers should sell before you buying to avoid loss of negotiating position at both ends. Plan for the move early, and pack as much as you can as soon as possible.

To find out the value of your Laveen or South Phoenix area home request it for FREE here.

Horse Property in Laveen Az a Great Place to Own Horse Property

Horse property in Laveen Az

I own horse property in Laveen Az and I can share that there is plenty of horse properties to choose from in this area.  There are of course many areas in Metro Phoenix and suburbs where one can buy horse property.  Laveen, though, is one of the best kept secrets, when it comes to proximity to Airport, Central Phoenix, trails and cost of homes.  These things and more make owning horse property in Laveen, ideal.

To see asking prices for horse properties in Laveen Az, just click here.  Most properties in the area are at least one acre and size.  One can also choose to live on horse property that is irrigated, generally via the SRP canals.  Cost for irrigation is very affordable and one can research cost of irrigation here.   One can also go for the desert property with no irrigation, which is the route I choose to go.  I’m sure that there are different schools of thought on which is right, but ultimately the choice is one’s own preference.  If you have questions in regards to some of the listed properties, or question in general, contact me here.

Owning horse property in Laveen Az is ideal also because of location.  I’ve sold many a home to people that must commute to different areas of town.  Owning horse property in Laveen is ideal because it does offer easy commutes to most home owners.  Downtown is a quick 20-25 minute drive, and that is all on side roads.  Airport is only about 20 minutes drive, and retail needs are easy accessible as well.

As an owner of horse property in Laveen Az, one of the best things is the riding trails available,   for many living close to the South Mountain preserve, there is 16,000 acres of land one can explore.  On the NW corner o f the preserve there is the Alta Trail, National Trail, Sunrise Trail and many more.  There are also the SRP canals that one can ride along.  There are SRP canals within proximity to most horse properties in Laveen, where one can ride for miles.

If work is too far, then there are other places one can consider horse property.  Feel free to contact me to show you availability and several areas that could meet your needs.

Phoenix Real Estate Values

By David Baker

Phoenix Real Estate Values – October 16, 2013

Here we are October 2013, real estate values and the market have begun to shift.  For many home buyers and sellers in the Phoenix Real Estate market, you are going to start seeing these changes.  Buyers, this change will be a welcome change, as we now are in what we call a buyer’s market.  What does this mean?

Phoenix real estate is now in a buyer’s market.  My definition, less than 25% of the homes currently on the market get absorbed on a monthly basis.  Others may define a buyer’s market as inventory of over 3 month’s time, which of course we are at; currently we stand at 3.64 months inventory.  From my tracking of the market, this appears to be growing and who knows where it will stop.  I’ve noticed growth of inventory for a while, but more since July.  The Phoenix MLS has been adding a minimum of 500 new listings to the already existing inventory every 7 days.  Since this April, the number of active properties on the MLS has increased by 7000 units up to 22,000.  Good news for buyers as the days of competing with multiple offers has all but disappeared (depending on price range).  You may start seeing more options as well.

Sellers.  With the shift in the market, your strategy for selling will need to be well thought out.  Be sure to consider what is going on in the Real Estate market, as well as considering your home value and list price.


So is it a good time to sell your home?  Values are stable currently, and that is after seeing a pretty quick and significant increase in values this year to date alone.  To be sure please request a private and confidential Fair Market Evaluation. (It’s free).

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See below, YUP, over 22,000 listing and counting!!!

Active on MLS

Screen Shot of currently active properties on Arizona MLS