Laveen home values 2017

A look at Laveen home values 2017

First, let me give you a little information about Laveen, and just below, you’ll see the most current update on values.

Why do people live here? 

While the weekly article will focus on Laveen home values, would like to start with what is Laveen.  Laveen Az  is a rural feel community where modern living meets a rural lifestyle, with close commutes to Central Phoenix.  Laveen Az is among the perfect choices there are in the Metro Phoenix area for an abode.  Laveen offers a variety of different style homes including horse property, santa fe, gated communities, custom homes on acreage, and all with great mountain views.  While laveen Az offers a very rural feel, all modern amenities are close by with easy access to grocery stores, drug stores, high way access and local area malls.  Outdoor enthusiast also can enjoy the 16000 plus acres of mountain preserve offered by South Mountain.  Laveen Az offers a little something for everyone.


Looking for a home in Laveen Az?

Click here for the most current list of homes for sale in Laveen Az.


What’s Laveen Az like?

Laveen Az has several different style communities that make up this Phoenix suburb.  Originally Laveen Az had been mostly an agricultural and dairy area, as is still evident by some of the area dairies and plenty of open acreage that is farmed.  With that in mind you still have some older homes in the area which were originally housing for workers to the land in the area.  As the area began developing many farmers  sold off their land and eventually gave growth to new home subdivisions.  There are several new home subdivisions in the Laveen Az area, with the majority being built 2000 -2008.  There are also several 1 acre custom home sites that were built along the southern edges of laveen Az and as well as around 51st ave/Dobbins as well as 67th ave and Baseline.  So you have open farm land, horse properties on acreage, some older homes in pockets, and also several newer home subdivisions.

If your considering selling, I would recommend a home evaluation by a professional realtor.  While the numbers here given are information, they also use all homes in the Laveen Real estate area, and it is best to use similar homes when deciding on home value.

June 19th, 2017

Find below the latest and greatest along with some market commentary to follow:

160 properties currently for sale

124 properties under contract

117 sold last 30 days

1.36 months current inventory

$111 was average $/sq foot for sold homes

$231,075 was average sale price

57 was average days on market, for sold homes

Commentary – Well, as one can see we have gone into the summer months and the volume of sales has increased!  In truth, this is about the only seasonal change I’ve witnessed in all the years in real estate, that is fairly consistent in our area.  That is to say, we see a increase in the number of homes sold.

So we are still in a seller market, with low inventory, and this is great for home owners.  It is a great time to sell, as there are many buyers looking for homes, and little to choose from.

June 12th, 2017

Here are the latest numbers for Laveen home values:

156 active properties for sale

133 properties under contract

100 properties sold last 30 days

1.56 current market inventory level

$110.41 average $/sq ft for homes that sold

56 was average days on market

$227,679 was average sale price

Commentary – The seller market continues.  They key indicator, is really the level of inventory we are currently experiencing, which is at 1.56 today, and indicates a seller market.  We still see a pretty significant gap between the average list price per square foot $117.90 and the average sale price per square foot $110.41.  When looking at the entire zip over the last year, variance has been anywhere from about $25,000 to upwards of $40,000 difference.  Point is, price it right, or it won’t sell.

Homes are selling relatively quick, with the average for zip just under 2 months.  Is it a good time to sell?  I would say yes, as it is a seller market and home values have increased and now are holding pretty steady.

June 5th, 2017

Here are the newest numbers:

153 active properties

145 properties under contract

90 sold last 30 days

1.7 months inventory

$109.87 average $/sq ft

$231,664 was average sale price

Commentary – Again not much change.  Seller market, values are steady with slight appreciation.  Great time to sell.

May 30th, 2017

I hope everyone had an enjoyable memorial day weekend, and took some time to remember those who lost their lives in service of our country.

Here are this weeks numbers and the update:

161 properties currently for sale

149 properties under contract

74 properties sold in last 30 days

2.17 is the current inventory level

$230,060 was average sale price for homes sold

$111.17 was average dollar a square foot for sold homes

Commentary – Not really much to add, the Laveen real estate market really has been very steady and consistent.  Values continue to hold steady to date, with slow year over year growth.  With interest rates still at these historic lows, it makes it a great time to buy.  Also, with values having seen almost 3.5 years off appreciation, it is also a great time to sell.  Gone are the days with a high percentage of home owners had No equity, most homeowners now can sell and walk away with money.

Sellers, you often hear about selling to an investor and avoid the hassle.  As they say, if it sounds to good to be true, it likely is to good to be true.  An investor always tries to make money, and the way to do it when buying directly from the homeowner, you do it by sharing in THEIR equity.

May 22nd, 2017

Find below the most recent information for homes, values and recent activity in Laveen Az:

156 properties active and for sale

153 properties under contract

75 properties sold in last 30 days

2.08 is current month inventory

$112.42 was average $/sq ft

$231,807 was average sale price

59 was average time to sell

Commentary – Market and home values continue as they have been going.  That is to say, we continue was steady sales, values are holding steady and buyers are buying.  We have a low inventory of homes, and turn over is happening relatively quickly, with homes averaging about 59 days to sell.


May 15th, 2017

Find below the latest information and activity for the Laveen real estate market:

155 properties currently for sale

138 properties under contract

74 properties sold in last 30 days

63 was average days to sell

2.09 months inventory

$111.45 was average $/sq ft

$232,612 was average sale price

Commentary-  Folks, really not much change.  We are still seeing a seller market, which is an inventory under 3 months.  Inventory is still basically pretty low, and there are indeed buyers out there looking for homes.  Values have been pretty steady, though you can see from past posts that we are seeing some slow appreciation over the course of the last year.


May 8th, 2017

Below are the latest numbers, followed by a brief commentary on the market:

153 active properties

139 properties under contract

69 properties sold in last 30 days

2.21 current inventory

49 is average days on market for sold homes

$225,131 was average sale price

$111.93 was average $/sq foot for homes sold

Commentary – Over all, the market just keeps on moving the way it has for the last year plus.  It is a seller market, inventory is low, and we are seeing slow appreciation.  You’ll notice on some weeks values $/sq foot may be either up or down, but overall it is a steady and slow appreciation to date.

Is it a good time to sell?  I would suggest that it is indeed.  With low inventory, you have more buyers competing for available homes and can negotiate the best net in your favor.  Also, values have increased since 2013 (4 years and counting).  Will this continue?  Who knows for sure, much like all else out there, we will have to wait and see.


May 1st 2017,

Welcome to the new month, lets dive in and see what numbers look like today:

154 active properties for sale

129 properties under contract

69 properties sold last 30 days

$111.89 was average $/sq foot for homes sold

$217,955 was average sale price

45 was average days on market

281 sales in area year to date

Commentary – Well, again not too much change.  We continue with a seller market, which is to say a low inventory of homes for sale.  Yet, be careful, this is the case for Laveen Az as a zip code, not necesarily by price range or housing type.  What I mean is, if your home for example is price over $400,000 you are in a complete buyer market or if your selling horse property again buyer market.  So know your market first if considering a sale.

Values continue steady, although you could call it slow appreciation.  We have seen year over year growth and that is a healthy thing.

April 24th, 2017

There is really been a trend in the Laveen real estate market, for what seems a fairly long time.  The trend has been one of low inventory and seller market.  Here are this last weeks and current numbers:

160 properties currently for sale in Laveen

137 properties currently under contract

76 properties under contract

2.1 months inventory

$110.79 was average $/sq ft

$233,930 was average sale price

61 was average days on market

Commentary – Not much new to report, basically  you could read the below commentary, and it would be pretty much the same.  Seller market, good time to sell.

April 17th, 2017

Not too much change, in fact market continues at it has been for some time. Below are the latest statistics for Laveen Az:

159 properties currently for sale

131 properties under contract

77 properties sold last 30 days

2.06 current market inventory

$110.88 was the average dollar a square foot for sold homes

$230,857 was average sale price

63 was average days on market

Commentary – Like stated above, and as you can see if you’ve read below entries……….the market continues as it has been.  It is a seller market in Laveen Arizona, with 2.06 months of inventory, which is low.  Homes that are really selling the fastest are those priced under $225,000.  Horse property in Laveen is also selling pretty quickly, but mostly those under $350,000.


April 10th, 2017

See below the most recent information:

154 properties currently for sale

124 properties currently under contract

78 properties sold in last 30 days

1.97 is current inventory

$111.26 was average $/sq foot for homes that sold

$231,679 was average sale price

225 properties sold year to date

Commentary – As you can see from numbers above, it is still a seller market in the South Phoenix real estate marketplace.  Values have been holding steady, with of course some appreciation year over year.

In short, it is a great time to buy or SELL!  Values are not likely to see any HUGE increase in months or years to come, just continued slow appreciation.  Also, good time for buyers, as there is still awesome interest rates.

April 3, 2017

Here are the latest numbers, looking back 30 days:

158 properties for sale

111 properties currently under contract

82 properties sold last 30 days

1.92 is current inventory

$111.54 was average dollar a square foot for homes that sold

$231,756 was the average sale price

207 sales year to date

Commentary –  Things are starting to pick up a bit in Laveen, with more homes closing.  This is seasonal, something we see every year as we go into spring and summer, which is when more folks move.  Values are holding steady, as well, with small appreciation which is good.

March 27th, 2017

Let us review this past week’s numbers, and look at the over all outlook for real estate in Laveen Az.

156 active properties for sale

118 properties under contract

75 properties sold in last 30 days

2.08 is current inventory level

$108.33 was average sold per square foot

$222,469 was average sale price

70 was average days on market

Sales year to date in Laveen Az – 182 so far

Commentary – If you notice over the course of the year to date, we have seen an increase in number of homes for sale in Laveen.  Yet, we also have seen an increase in homes under contract, and the number of closings has been steady.  All this basically still shows a seller market with 2.08 inventory at this time for single family homes in Laveen Az.  Inventory is still low, demand is still good, so it continues to be a seller market……………..which is a great time to sell.  The most sales occurred in the $180,000 to $250,000 price range for the past month.  This is of course something that makes sense, as the average home sale in Laveen currently is about $222,469 as shown above.

March 20, 2017

Here are this weeks numbers:

160 available homes on market

118 under contract

74 sold in last 30 days

71 was average days on market

$107.72 was average $/sq ft for homes sold

$230,629 was average sale price

163 sales year to date!

Commentary – Not much change, as per usual lately.  Inventory in Laveen has been nothing short of consistent, and the seller market continues.  Values again, pretty much holding steady, but as mentioned many times before there is some gradual appreciation.  By this, I mean you may see 3/5 percent increase in next year, but nothing crazy in a short period.

March 13, 2017

Lets look at the numbers for this week:

147 active properties for sale

122 properties under contract

65 closings last 30 days

2.26 current months inventory

$105.76 was average dollar a square foot for homes sold

$232,439 was average sale price

73 was average days on market

Commentary – The things continue pretty much as they have been.  The market is what I would describe as stable, with slow appreciation.  The market still does favor sellers, at 2.26 months current inventory.  Good time to sell.

March 6, 2017

How about we look at something just a little different today.  Here are some basic numbers to get us started:


Current                                                                               Last year

149 properties for sale                                                     150 properties for sale

70 properties sold last 30 days                                      68 properties sold last 30 days

2.12 inventory level                                                          2.20 inventory level last year

$108 average sold/sq ft                                                  $99.19 average sold square foot

Comments – well as one can see some things have not changed much since last year, but one key thing has, can you see it?  Number of properties on the market, number of sales, and even properties sold were all pretty much the same, almost identical really.  The main difference though, home values have gone up.

If you’re considering selling, call me and lets see what your home could sell for in todays Laveen real estate market.  602-373-6345

February 27th, 2017

143 properties currently for sale

120 properties under contract

65 properties sold last 30 days

2.2 months current inventory

$112.13 was average $/sq ft for homes that sold

$228,729 was the average sale price

68 was average days on market

Comments – Well as you can see, we did see a little increase in number of active listings, so active listing inventory grew a bit.  We also did see a slight increase in homes that went under contract, but decrease in sales in the last 30 days.  Most sales do occur toward the end of month, so we may see that number pick up when we review closings next monday.  Homes are indeed still selling, and are doing so in Laveen on the average in about 68 days.

The key as always, is if you are looking to sell price it right, have the home looking good, and get the marketing pieces out there so that potential buyers know your home is for sale.

February 22, 2017

136 properties active for sale

114 properties under contract

71 properties sold last 30 days

1.91 months inventory

$112.49 average $/sq ft

$218,116 was average sale price

71 was average days on market

Commentary – Not much change.  Sellers market still, and that is good for sellers.

February 13th, 2017

142 properties currently for sale – up from last week

105 properties currently under contract

70 properties sold last 30 days

$112.06 was average $/sq ft for homes sold

$220,370 was average sale price

71 was average days on market

Commentary – Really not much change in the Laveen real estate market, or even home values.  You may, if you read previous post, notice a slight change up and down in sales prices and even dollar a square foot.  Yet, these are all pretty static with not a big change.  Also, if there is a change, does it stay consistent over a period of time.  As an example, this week we do see a increase in $/sq foot of about $5, but will that stick?  Chances are it will NOT, and the reason is we saw a very high sale in the area which is lifting up the numbers.  Yes, we had a almost $600,000 sale this past week, and that increase the average.  Watch, within about 2/3 weeks, it is likely to go down.  If it does not, well then we notice a good trend, that are values continue to go up.

February 6th, 2017

134 properties actively for sale

103 properties currently under contract

63 sales in the last 30 days

2.12 inventory at this time

$107.25 was average $/sq foot for homes sold

$210,747 was average sale price

62 was average days on market

Commentary – Not really much change in the Laveen real estate market at this time.  Values are holding steady, as are the average days to sell.  Inventory remains low, and this still favors sellers.  No really much more to add.  It continues to be a good time to sell.

January 23rd, 2017

Lets go ahead and share the numbers for this past week, and then follow it up with some quick commentary:

136 properties currently active on the market

107 properties under contract at this time

61 properties sold in the last 30 days

2.22 is current market inventory

$114.40 was average $/sq ft for homes that sold

69 was average days to sell

$223,834 was average sale price

Commentary – So is it a good time to sell in Laveen?  Sure, I think it is a good time to sell.  Values have increased rapidly at times, and steadily at others since January 0f 2013.  Will values continue to rise?  Well NO ONE really has the crystal ball, and anyone that says different is giving a guess, albeit maybe educated……..but still a guess.

We just saw the inventory go up a slight bit in the last week.  Some of that could be seasonal, as maybe less home went under contract in the Christmas time frame.  Values are steady, as is seen by tracking the average $/sq foot and the average sales prices.  We continue in a seller market, and that means – yes it is a good time to sell.

January 16tn, 2017

Welcome to another weekly update, for the Laveen real estate market and home values.  Lets look at the numbers, and then I’ll add some quick comments:

133 active properties for sale in Laveen Az

109 properties currently under contract

66 properties have successfully closed in the last 30 days

2.01 current monthly inventory

$108.19 was average price per square foot for homes sold

$231,736 was average sale price

66 was average days on market

Commentary – Really, not much change we can talk about.  Yes, slight increase in the inventory, but it does not have any affect.  The market is still a seller market, especially in the sub-$250,000 market.  We have seen 16 closings year to date, so that picked up a bit.  On average, homes that sold are still selling for just a tad bit under their final list price at time of sale.  Lowest sale ended up selling for almost 8% under their ask price……yikes.  It is a good time to sell, and the market does favor sellers a bit.


January 9th, 2017

Out of the South Phoenix zip codes, Laveen is really getting the slow start to the year.  Year to date, Laveen has only seen 3 closed homes.  Here are the most current stats, and please be sure to call me if you have any questions:

139 properties currently active for sale

107 properties currently under contract

77 properties sold in the last 30 days

1.8 months current inventory

$107.76 was average for sold homes

$234,822 was average sale price

77 was average days on market

Commentary – Well at this time, really not much change.  Though, as noted at the beginning of article, Laveen is off to a slow start with only 3 homes sold year to date, it has though, still closed the average of homes in last 30 days.  The real estate market also begins the year as it ended, in a seller market.  Inventory is low, and buyers do not have as many options.  Also, while it is competitive for buyers, the average list to sold ratio is 99%, which indicates homes are eventually selling for on average just a little below list price.  So homes, are not going for over market value.  If that were the case, we would be seeing sales over the 100% mark, and that has not been the case for months now.

Take away – if you want to sell price the home right.  Not noted in numbers above, is that 95% of homes sold, were financed.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE HAD WITH A FINANCED HOME?  Yes, an appraisal.  Even if you asked for over market value, and got an offer, you’d still more than likely need an appraisal.

January 2nd, 2017

Well we begin the year, with pretty much a market similar to where we left off.  Lets start with looking at the current numbers for today, to help us begin our Laveen home values journey for 2017:

143 property currently for sale in Laveen

98 properties currently under contract

85 properties sold last 30 days

1.68 is current market inventory

$106.33 was average $/sq foot for homes sold

$230,034 was average sale price for homes sold

65 was average days on market for those homes that sold

Commentary – Well, again we are in a seller market.  We have seen a little drop in the number of active listings on the market, and of course a dip in number of new listing that came to market over the holiday.  Though, If a home owner looks at the number of homes sold over the last 30 days, one would see that HOMES DO SELL during the holidays!!  Many tend to think to wait, because homes don’t sell during the holiday, but that IS NOT the case.  Interest rates are still low, home values have increased but are still affordable, and with the low inventory level the market is still great for both buyers and sellers.  Buyers, because the cost of borrowing and buying is still great.  Sellers, because home values in Laveen have risen, and MANY can now sell for a tidy profit.

South Phoenix Realtors

South Phoenix Realtors, and why one should really consider hiring one when selling or buying their south phoenix home.

Let me say that I may have a bias as I of course I’m a South Phoenix Real estate agent.  Yet, I think this short article will point out some facts that one should consider.  Facts to consider when looking to work with a realtor for the purchase or sale of a home within a specific area. These facts will point toward good reasons to use a local realtor regardless of whether it is in South Phoenix or some other part of the country.

First reason one should consider South Phoenix Realtors is knowledge of the area

This is one item that most people will agree with, that some one that has knowledge of an area would likely serve you best in that particular area.  Would you rather have a knowledgeable guide help you through the jungles of the amazon, or just someone that read a book and has a map?  A person with a map may be able to get you started down the right track, but as they have never done the trek themselves there is likely to be many surprise along the way.   Maybe that rope suspension bridge which shows up on the map has fallen years back, and now you’re stuck with no way to cross the river full of piranha and anaconda snakes.  No thanks, I think I would much rather take the knowledgeable guide in the area.  Would you rather have a specialist surgeon working on you operation or have some back alley doctor?  Hopefully you’re not in need of surgery, but if you were I’m sure you’d rather have a specialist working on the surgery.    Would you rather have a knowledge able real estate agent help you locate a home in their area of specialty or have a realtor with no knowledge of the area?  Truth is there are many people that entrust a friend or relative who has little to no knowledge of an area to help them with the purchase or sale of the home.  This is baffling as a home is generally one of the largest financial obligations people will make in their lives and it is sometimes done with a person that is not a specialist to an area.  Knowledge of the area can really help you understand the market and what could make a home appealing or less appealing.  Knowledge of the area and things that can affect a property currently or in the near or extended future is something that can help a buyer/seller.  Did you know for example that some homes in South West Phoenix and specifically in the Laveen area will have to sell their homes due to construction of a freeway?  That right there is a freeway that is coming and it has been approved and at this point the department of transportation is going through appraisals to purchase homes. (Eminent domain).  The point I am trying to get across here is that some one that works in an area, has knowledge of the area, is going to best be able to help with your real estate needs.  The lack of knowledge for the area is something that can cost you money.


As a real estate agent I have spent 10 years, that is since 2004, selling properties and the vast majority have been in the South Phoenix area.  Truth is some homes I’ve actually managed to sell more than once over the course of my years in real estate.  Past clients’ needs change over time and some need bigger homes or move out of state prompting the resale of the home.  What makes this beneficial to clients is that as their realtor, I also have some past knowledge of the home itself, not just the area alone.


South Phoenix Realtors have Knowledge of local real estate market trends

Even South Phoenix Realtors and for that matter all realtors have heard that real estate is local.  While the US economy is all connected as a whole, there are segments in the US economy that perform differently.  There are some states that are doing better and some states that are doing worse than others.  Some states in our US economy will be affected at any time by natural disasters, drought and many other things that can have a negative effect.  Point is that while the economy of the US is connected, there are local state markets that perform differently.  Real estate is much the same and there are niches that will perform differently and of course have different values and trends.  Phoenix as a whole is a large city, actually the 6th largest at this time in the US.  There are many suburbs in the Metro Phoenix area and each will have similarities to the overall real estate market.  Yet while most Phoenix and suburbs will share similarities in market trends there will be differences.  Maybe differences in the local real estate market will be in the values of the homes, maybe it is with the length of time it takes to sell homes, maybe it has to do with the turnover rate of homes in the area, or maybe the demographics.  Yet to make sure you are fully aware of all things that may have an effect on your purchase or sale, it is best to consider South Phoenix realtors who will be up to date on the specifics of the local niche real estate market.

As one of the South Phoenix realtors now for ten years I can tell you it is extremely important to stay up to date on the market trends.  Actually, speaking for myself, I review the real estate market trends in the South Phoenix and Laveen area weekly as well as monthly to stay on top of the trends in the area.  What is important for me to know and understand is what is going on in the market with values, supply of home, turnover rates, and inventory of homes.  I keep track of some real estate statistics on my own, but I also will look at statistics supplied by the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing service to see how the trends are all lining up.  You can view my ongoing blog with weekly and monthly updates at my website at the link .  It is my job as a real estate agent specializing in the South Phoenix area to know the market and trends and be able to share that knowledge with my clients.  This knowledge in turn will help both my buyer and seller clients to benefit the most in the purchase or sale of their home.


South Phoenix Realtors should have a good knowledge of inventory of homes

While it is likely not possible for a real estate agent to preview each and every home on the market, a realtor should still have a good idea of the homes on the market.  This should include a working knowledge of current homes on market and new homes currently for sale in the area.  In recent years new homes being built would not have been hard to keep up with, as the new home developments all but ceased operations.  The local economy has picked up a bit at this point and we are seeing some new home developments that have started building again.  It is important that a South Phoenix real estate agent should know what developments are open for business and potentially have available spec homes.  Why is this important?  Well as a realtor gets to know their client and their home purchase needs an overall idea of what the buyers end home will be is formulated.  For a local agent with the knowledge of inventory of homes this can help guide them to the desired home and location that they are searching and looking to buy.  In short it really can help laser focus on what the home buyer is looking for, and also zero in on where that specific home can be found in the south phoenix area.  As a complete over simplification let’s assume that someone is wanting to eat a sandwich for lunch.  Well someone that knows the area can decide on one of let’s say four choices, subway, subway, jersey mike’s or quiznos, and that is it.  Yet, this is a list I generated from my knowledge of the area, and I know exactly where each and all of these eateries is located.  For someone that has no knowledge of the area and what it offers, they will rely on their smart phone (if they have one) and hope for the best.  No need to hope for the best when you have a local expert helping you out, they already know the options and will share all information and the possibilities.


Local South Phoenix Realtors work with Buyers in the area

Are you considering selling your south Phoenix home?  Great, give me a call I want to help you sell your home!!  What’s more, chances are good I have buyers looking in South Phoenix and Laveen right NOW!!  Doing business in the area for going on over 10 years now, it still fascinates me as I’ve said, how folks will use someone that is not really familiar with the area.

Simple Question:

Who is more likely to be working with a home buyer looking in the south phoenix area?

  1. A Realtor who lives and works in Anthem
  2. A realtor that lives and works in Gilbert
  3. A real estate agent that lives and works in South Phoenix
  4. All the above

Chances are, I hope you selected number 3, which is an agent that works with both buyers and sellers in the South Phoenix area.  For one the real estate agent who specializes in the area is likely spending marketing dollars on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis to promote properties in the area.  Much like any business, real estate agents run a business and it is the business of real estate.   One segment of the real estate agents business is of course marketing and it carries with it the need for a budget.  The marketing budget is made up of money that is allocated to spend to promote properties or to promote the agent in marketing for buyer or sellers.  So, again, who do you think has a marketing budget that is already allocated to capturing buyers in the South Phoenix area?  Yes, you are right, the answer again is one of your South Phoenix Realtors who is of course already marketing the area and is likely to have buyers in tow.

So, if you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the area, contact one of your South Phoenix Realtors today to get the best results.  Who are your South Phoenix Realtors?  Good question, and unfortunately I cannot really answer that question for you.  I can tell you I for one am a south Phoenix real estate agent and would like the opportunity to earn your business.  With an average of over 40 homes sold a year, knowledge of the real estate market in South Phoenix, ten years of experience helping buyers and sellers, I know I can help you with all your real estate needs.  Call me today at 602.373.6345 or request a property valuation at this link on my website.



Knowledgeable Real Estate Agent 85043 85339 85041

When considering selling what is one of your biggest criteria in selecting a realtor, likely it is that they be knowledgeable real estate agents right?

What builds the knowledge that realtors have in their field?

First real estate agents gain knowledge by understanding their market.  Don’t be fooled all agents can sell property through out the entire valley, even the entire state, but are they truly knowledgeable about the area.  For a closer area such as maybe metro phoenix it is within the realm of possibility to have a good grasp on the real estate market, but it is highly unlikely that you could be a specialist through out the entire area.


*  Pick an agent that has a good understanding of your market, that would be your home location.  This means do they know what is going on in the market such as it a buyer market, seller market, and what trends are being seen.  As a potential seller or even buyer, understanding the direction the market is going can save you money.   Is the area inventory growing and are values going up or down?  A realtor that has a good grasp on the market can help folks save MONEY.

*  Pick an agent that works the real estate field you need.  In other words don’t have a realtor that specializes in residential resale, do your rental property management.  I myself specialize in resale, and I can tell you that rentals are not my strong suit, I have no systems in place and as such would not really be able to serve as well as a property management realtor.

Recent Sold homes in Laveen Az

Recent Sold homes – David Baker

*  Knowledge is built not only by studying ones craft but also practicing the craft.  Does an agent with 10 years in the market who averages 1 sale a year, have the same knowledge as an agent that has worked 10 years averaging 20 deals a year.  Look at both those scenarios one agent would have done 10 years the other agent would have done 200 deals.  Who do you think has a better grasp at overcoming obstacles that come up during a real estate transaction, a realtor with experience, or one without?  Simple question, and simple answer, the agent with more transaction is going to have more experience with which to help you in the process.

I have worked in real estate 10 years, and have averaged 40 plus deals a year for the last several years.  As a realtor working the area, I share my knowledge through articles, and even share past client testimonials which you can see below.

Have questions?  Feel free to ask, questions don’t cost a penny, and the answers could save you time and money.


Selling your South Phoenix Laveen home – Dealing with Multiple Offers

By David Baker

How to Handle Multiple Offer Situations

When selling your South Phoenix or Laveen Az home, having more than one offer to consider is a great position to be in. However, there are some rules of thumb for handling the sale of your property in a multiple-offer situation.

The most important is to evaluate every offer for its details – not just the price. Study all conditions and investigate thoroughly the strength of each offer. Just because the buyer has agreed to pay a certain amount for your home doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is capable of bringing about a successful closing.

Evaluate their pre-approval letter as well as the lender itself. You should be particularly suspicious of all-cash offers. What’s too good to be true, often is.

In evaluating offers, your listing agent will prove an invaluable support. He or she will do the legwork required to consider each offer and check out the buyers and buyer agents. Do ask your agent for input and opinions. However, in the final analysis of the sale of your South Phoenix or Laveen home, you are the decision-maker.

Negotiations are particularly difficult in multiple offer situations – not so much for the seller, but for the buyers. Hopefully, you and your listing agent will treat offers with respect. The seller pretty much dictates the way offers are presented, and making buyers jump through hoops – especially if their offer comes in well below the others – won’t benefit anyone. Let them know there are several better offers, so if they can’t increase theirs, they can exit gracefully.

For other tips on selling your South Phoenix or Laveen home visit my previous blog on tips for selling.

The Real Truth Behind “Reality” Real Estate Shows

As reality programming continues to dominate the television world, real estate shows have proven to be a real hit among viewers. Shows such as Million Dollar Listing, Love It or List It, House Hunters and Property Virgins all depict the experiences of real people looking for real homes.

As it turns out, however, those experiences aren’t always so real. The process of buying a home – in real life – isn’t quite as simple, and the houses aren’t as well designed, so television must find a way to exaggerate, sugarcoat and package the story so viewers will want to watch.

Take the example of House Hunters. In 2012, a Texas family who appeared on the show revealed its inner workings. It is said that two of the houses the family apparently considered actually belonged to friends, and were not even on the market. The homes were chosen because they were attractive and clean. HGTV released a statement that cleverly avoided confirming or denying the family’s claims.

Most shows glaze over the details of buying a home beyond tours and making an offer. You’ll never see buyers applying for a mortgage, or real estate lawyers going over paperwork. And TV buyers never seem to walk away from a home – something that often happens in reality when a home inspection reveals deal-breaking problems.

But the goal of these shows isn’t to depict real life, despite their claim to be reality television. Instead, they serve as a pleasant distraction from everyday life. At their best, perhaps they inspire viewers to take better care of their own homes.