A look at South Phoenix home values 2018

A look at South Phoenix home values 2018

What to we look at with home values 2018? 

Well, we will be looking at the market activity by paying attention to a couple of key items which help us monitor the real estate market:

  1. Homes for sale
  2. Homes under contract
  3. Homes sold in last 30 days

In addition we will discuss the type of market, and if values appear to be appreciating, holding, or possibly depreciating.  As home home owner/seller or even buyer these are all important to know.

If looking to buy –

South Phoenix offers several gated communities, several golf course communities, several newer subdivision homes, many older subdivision homes, homes with HOA, homes without HOA, homes that have irrigated land, homes with acreage, homes with horse priveledges, desert property homes and maybe some others I may have missed.  If your looking to buy a home in South Phoenix, I have made some links for specific community types and you can view those here.


The look at home values for South Phoenix 2018 start here/below.

I will post updates as weeks go by, so the latest update will appear on the top.

January 16th, 2018

Most recent update for our area of South Phoenix and the current real estate market and trends:

268 properties for sale

195 properties under contract

135 properties sold in last 30 days

1.98 months of inventory

58 days average time to sell

$227,631 was average sale price

$125 was average $/sq ft

Commentary – We saw a slight slow down over the last 30 days in the number of closings.  This is usually the case during the holidays, and is very likely the reason we saw an increase in inventory.  Chances are, we will see it level back out as number of sales increase coming out of the holiday season.    Overall prices have been slowly appreciating, and all indicators show that trend should continue.


January 8th, 2018

Below is the latest information for South Phoenix and home values:

260 active properties for sale

187 properties under contract

156 properties sold in last 30 days

1.66 months current inventory

$129.26 was average $/sq ft

$224,444 was average sale price

50 was average time to sell

Commentary – Property values continue to hold with slow appreciation.  We did see values increase over the course of the last year.  Currently inventory is still under 3 months, so inventory remains low and this continues to benefit sellers.  Still great time to sell if you are considering.

January 2nd, 2018  – Happy New Year

Find below information on how we are currently positioned, and how we are closing out the year as far as South Pheonix real estate homes, properties and values:

270 properties available for sale

189 properties under contract

156 properties sold in last 30 days

1.73 is current inventory level

$129.11 was average dollar a square foot for sold properties

$229,328 was the average sale price for homes sold

55 was average days to sell

Commentary – I don’t recall writing an update, so early in the year (1 day), and as of today “0” homes have sold in the South Phoenix and Laveen area to date.  No worries, I’m sure we will have several by Friday.

We start the year, much as we left off, which is with a low level of inventory.  The seller market continues for the time being.

Good time to sell?  Yes it is.

Home Selling Tips

By David Baker

Listed below are some home selling tips:

Curb appeal is vital if to selling your home quickly and for a good price. To create that enticing look, you don’t necessarily have to undertake extensive landscaping or major fixes to the exterior of the building. Instead, you could just concentrate on the entrance to your house.

Lead them in

You want to do everything you can to lead your guests (and potential buyers) into your home. Make it clear where the entrance is by emphasizing it, using some of the techniques in this article.


Make sure all your door hardware (the door knocker, handle and hinges) are new or look new. You can buy matching hardware cheaply. Alternatively, give what you already have a good polish. Invest in a new house number and mailbox that complement the rest of your hardware.

The door

Make sure the door looks bright and fresh. Paint it to match the rest of the trim on your house and keep it clean of dirty rain splashes.

Steps and railings

If there are steps up to your home, make sure they are well kept and safe. Check metal railings for rust and make sure they stay firm when visitors hold them.


Use containers or hanging baskets to mark the way to your home. They are easy to maintain and provide a splash of color. Try placing one container or basket on either side of the door to frame the entrance.


Consider adding attractive lights to emphasize the entrance and make it more attractive at night.

Add a chair

If you have space, place an attractive chair near the entrance. It gives the impression your home provides a relaxing place to sit and rest.

Don’t forget a welcome mat

As a finishing touch, put a new mat outside the door.

Selecting the Right Realtor for Laveen, South Mountain or Phoenix

Are looking to buy or sell a home in the Laveen, South Phoenix, Ahwatukee, or surrounding communities in the Phoenix valley? Did you realize that the biggest transaction most of us will ever make is buying or selling a home? It’s not good enough simply to use a realtor. You need a realtor who studies the real estate market, who knows the area, and who employs the highest ethical standards to ensure that your offers are competitive or that you get the best price for your home.

I’m David Baker, and I’ve been a professional realtor in the Phoenix valley, specializing in the Laveen, South Phoenix, and Ahwatukee areas since 2004. I have lived and worked in Phoenix and surrounding communities since 2001, so it is especially important to me to build relationships and make the process of buying or selling properties an enjoyable and educational experience for my clients … my neighbors!

Professionalism, trust, integrity, and knowledge of the communities I serve ensure that together we can meet your real estate needs. I offer the highest quality real estate services to make the sale or purchase of your home as effortless, seamless, and worry free as possible. Conducting business in this way has helped me become one of the top 5% of real estate agents in Arizona based on successful home buying and selling transactions.

I welcome your questions about buying or selling a home in Laveen, South Phoenix, Ahwatukee, or surrounding areas in the Phoenix valley.

Please call me, David Baker, at 602.373.6344 or email me at DABaker21@msn.com or feel free to use the CONTACT ME feature on this website. Your business is as important to me as it is to you. Thank you for visiting my website!

3 Seller Mistakes to Avoid – South Phoenix – Laveen Homes & Real Estate

Laveen Az 85339

3 Seller Mistakes to Avoid
Even though at date of this blog post inventory in the Laveen and South Phoenix area is low, there are still homes that will sit on the market. This area with its low inventory is in what we realtors call a seller’s market. Many properties will notice this when they receive many home showings and multiple offers on their property. Yet, even with Laveen and South Phoenix being in a seller’s market, it is important for home owners to know some costly mistakes to avoid.
1. Why are you selling your home? Reasons behind your decision to sell your home can affect the home sell itself. What is most important to you in the home sell: is it to net the highest dollar amount possible, or is it to sell the home for the most in the quickest time possible. It is important to know why you are selling your home, and to keep that in mind throughout the process.
2. Make sure you Study before you decide on price. It is important to make sure that you price your home correctly. Many buyers will generally look at 15 to 20 homes before they decide on buying, and they will gain an understanding of value for the market. Your home will be compared to those others homes, so how will it rank. Not ranking favorably can lead to longer times on market, which in turn leads buyers to believe there may be something wrong with the home.
3. Make sure you, or better yet your agent has shared your competition. It is good to know what homes you will be competing against and how you rank. Also, it would be good to review home sales in your area within the last several months.

These are common mistakes that should be avoided. Avoid them and selling your Laveen or South Phoenix home will go much smoother.

Selling, how to sell your Laveen Home quick and for Top Dollar

Laveen Az 85339 – Considering selling your house and want to find out how to sell your house quick and for top dollar is one of the questions I often get asked. There are many variables that lend to the success of the selling a home, as well as selling it quickly in South Phoenix, Laveen or Ahwatukee. I would like to address several of these items in different blogs over the course of the next several weeks.
To begin with let’s look at one of the things that contribute to the home selling quick.
How ready is the home to be viewed by prospective buyers? The purchase of a home for the vast majority of the population is indeed one of the larger investments made in a lifetime. This is a commitment for a buyer to live in a home for the next thirty years as they make their monthly mortgage payments. With such a big decision on many buyers like to see a home they can imagine themselves in for the long haul.
How the home shows is the key to a successful first impression. Home needs to be clean and presentable at all times, so buyers are able to see home in all its glory. I would encourage home owners to try and remove excess clutter as much as possible to also help give a clean and open feel. In this way folks can walk around and start envisioning their own belongings (not yours) in their next possible home.
Having a clean and clutter free home can help sell a home quicker.

Avoid 7 Deadly Mistakes – Selling Your Home

Selling your home is not as easy as it was back about 7 years ago.  Remember not too long ago when you could buy a home one day, sell it in a month and make a tidy profit? The one constant in life is still change, and real estate continually changes as well. One of the things that I think we’ll always be able to count on when selling a home in the South Phoenix and Laveen area are the 7 mistakes to avoid when selling your home:

1. Not knowing why you are selling
2. Not preparing your home for sale, and imagining the home through the eye of the buyer.
3. Not pricing the home correctly.
4. Not properly interviewing your agent to find out how they market and how well they communicate with you.
5. Trying to hard sell buyers as they are walking through the home.
6. Not making the home easy to view.
7. Not preparing for the purchase of your next home, or preparing for the move.

Avoiding these seven mistakes can make your home sale a much more enjoyable experience and help you avoid leaving money on the table.

If you need to sell your home, get a free valuation just click here to request a valuation.  This valuation will include comparable homes that have recently sold in your area.  I’ll also send you some active comparable s that will be competing for the same buyers as your home.  This will help you understand the market.