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* Sold * 2220 W Harwell Rd Phoenix Az 85041

Sold Sold Sold

2220 W Harwell Rd Phoenix Az 85041

2220 W Harwell Rd
2220 W Harwell Rd

2220 W Harwell Rd Phoenix Az 85041 is a new listing by David Baker from Homesmart Realty.  This specifics of the home are as follows:

4 Bedroom Home

2.5 baths

Lower level master bedroom

3 car garage

2735 square feet of livable space

8288 square foot lot

2 story contemporary home

HOA fee of $80 a month

Gated community

2220 W Harwell Rd
2220 W Harwell Rd



2220 W Harwell Rd is located in the gated community of Suncrest at Rio Montana. This subdivision is located just west of 19th ave and Baseline Rd, on the south side of Baseline Rd.  Proximity to the South Mountain preserve is one of the many appeals of this area.  The fact that the community is an established community with mature trees and overall appearance with wide streets, adds to Suncrest at Rio Montana’s appeal.  With only 114 improved lots or homes built in the community, it is a nice community but not too large.  Location of Suncrest of Rio Montana is excellent.  Easy commutes to central Phoenix, likely averaging between 15 to 20 minutes of city street commute times, with several routes to choose from.  The 10 interstate can easily be accessed from several on ramps all within about 10 minutes. 

The community of Suncrest at Rio Montana offered several floor plans, and most range in the mid- to – upper level price range in the 85041 zip code.  There are a couple of nice gated communities in the South Phoenix 85041 zip code, and Suncrest is a great mid level price option.  Looking for higher valued homes that are gated communities, then check out this link to view gated communities in South Phoenix in general.  Many will show up that are in the 85041 zip code, such as Talasera or Blossom Hills which are two of the nicer gated communities in the 85041 zip code.  This particular floor plan has had recent sales in the $260,000 to $280,000 price range, so this particular home at $215,000 has room for improvement.  More on that in a little bit.  Other South Phoenix gated communities can be viewed here at this page on my site.


What have been the real estate market trends in the community of Suncrest at Rio Montana?  Well lets take a look and see what has been going on in the community year to date 2015:

1 home is currently on the market.  Home has been on market for 42 days, and is price at $279,900

7 Homes have sold year to date in Suncrest at Rio Montana

$215,000 was the lowest priced home sold

$295,000 was the highest priced home sold

$248,857 is the average price for homes sold at Suncrest at Rio Montana year to date 2015

This information is great information to have as both a buyer and a seller.  It gives a view as to what the trend and values are for the subdivision.  Currently the market in the South Phoenix area is a seller market, meaning there is strong demand for homes and a lower level of home inventory.  Generally anything under 3 months of inventory of homes is considered a seller market.  This is not only true of the South Phoenix area, but also 85041 zip code, and as one can see for information above, we also have less than 3 months inventory in Suncrest at Rio Montana.

Now what can I share about 2220 W Harwell and the information above.  Well, the property located at 2220 W Harwell is one of the larger homes in the subdivision.  As such, it would usually be able to get a higher sales price, than that at which it is listed.  This particular home is a short sale, and home is being sold in “as is” condition.  Seller will not be making any repairs to home, so any potential buyer must know this going in, because again, no repairs will be made by seller.  This is a short sale, and as such may take a little longer to finalize any sale.  What is a short sale?  You can read a previous post I’ve written about the short sale process at this link.  For those not wanting to make the trip on the previous link, let me give you a quick definition of a short sale.  A short sale is basically a home owner selling a home for less than what is owed on the home.  In other words, the mortgage is more than the value of the home.  With me so far?  Generally with a short sale a home owner can no longer make payments on the home, and at this point will try to get the bank to agree to the selling on the home and allowing a pay off for less than what is owed on the home.  Hence the short amount of the payoff is the short sale.  This process can take some time, and is not for all buyers.  While there really is no average as far a time to get an approval for the short sale by the bank, it can take generally at least 30 days.  In the past I have listed short sale homes, and have been lucky enough to have been able to get approvals within about 30 days.

So again, 2220 W Harwell is a short sale.  Home is being sold at a great price for a reason.  The home is not in the best of conditions.  Home has 2 air conditioner units, and one is really in need of being replaced.  Frankly, a buyer should go in with the complete expectation of having to replace both a/c units.  Landscaping to the home is in some major need for tender loving care.  Currently, as you might see from photos, the landscape is overgrown and needs to be cleaned up.  Interior of the home is in need of at the very least 2 things:

  1.  A good and thorough paint job
  2. New carpeting or flooring.  Currently the carpet has been pulled up in several areas of the home.  Some of the carpet in rooms is stained and likely the best course of action, is tear them up and replace them.

DSC09388 DSC09395 DSC09404 DSC09406

By no means is this short list made by a professional contractor.  This short list was made by yours truly, David Baker a homesmart real estate agent who specializes in the south Phoenix and Laveen area.  I’ve been working in real estate since 2004 as a full time realtor.  Based on number of transaction in the area, I’m one of the top agents in the South Phoenix and Laveen area.  Google me, chances are you might find me.  You can view client testimonials, and some video testimonials right here at this link to a post on testimonials. Back to the list!!!  I am a real estate agent, not a contractor.  The above are things that I have noticed that would make this a nice home.  The home does not have any major upgrades to it, the counters are formica not granite or corian.  The kitchen cabinetry is again, not the upgraded cabinets that were offered at the time homes where built, it was the base choice.  This is a nice home, and the options are very nice and functional – they are just not upgraded such as some of the sales which happened above the $250,000 range.  So, could a investor come in and make some money on flipping this property?  Yes, the possibility is there to make some money, but this home is likely better suited for a home buyer looking to buy and live in home and have some instant equity.  That is likely sweat equity, if one puts some work into the home.  The opportunity is there, but do go ahead and plan to have a inspector or contractor come and look at home so you know what you are looking to invest in the fixing of home to match your needs.

Have any questions about my listing at 2220 W Harwell Rd?  Call me David Baker real estate agent at 602.373.6345 or request I contact you right here at this link on my website.



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