What to know when buying a home in South Phoenix

What you need to understand when buying a home in South Phoenix, Laveen or Ahwatukee.

Having been a realtor working the Phoenix, Laveen and Ahwatukee area for the last ten years, I can tell you what the best process for buying a home is.

First Step in Process to buying a home

​Start by talking to a reputable lender who can guide you through the different options to financing your next home. If you have already begun to talk to a Realtor in the South Phoenix, Laveen or Ahwatukee area, they likely recommend some good lenders. There are several different types of loans and you need to find out what is going to be the best loan for your needs. Of key importance also will be the discovery of what your loan amount can and will be, but also more importantly how much your home payment will be. Most should agree it is wise to choose a home that meets not only your requirements, but also your budget.

Second Step in the Home Buying Process

​You will need to discover what your needs and wants will be. It is a small distinction but a distinction non- the –less, what must the home have for you to consider it. The home may also have several things that you would like for it to have, but may not qualify as the must have. Your real estate agent in the area can help with questions and helping you narrow down the specifics of what your home must have, and where it will need to be.

​The real estate market trends for your search area, Laveen, South Phoenix or Ahwatukee should be discussed. At the same time as finding out your home search Criteria, I will start discussing what the real estate market is and has been doing. It is important for buyers to understand what is happening in the market place, in that way you can make better decisions.

Third Step in the Home buying Process

​The next step for buying a home in the area will be to get out there and start looking at homes. Based on the criteria given, I can set up homes for sale search that matches your needs and wants. As your realtor I will set up appointments for you to view homes, until we find that one that fits your needs.

Fourth Step in the Buying Process

​Once you find the home that matches your needs it is time to make an offer. As your Realtor, I will help by giving the most up to date information so you can make an informed decision as to your offer. Then we will negotiate the best deal we can for you.

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