Selling during the Holiday Season

Many have often wondered if it would be a good idea, or if selling during the holiday season is the right time?  The below article I have written will address this question, but in the end of course it is a personal decision.  Of course the decision should be based on correct information and the need one has to sell their property.

Let us get to the point real quick and answer the question “Is it a good time to sell during the holidays?”.  Simple answer, the quick and to the point response in my opinion is yes.


The holiday season and selling a home

First to answer to this question let us give the holiday season a definition.  I did a quick google search for time frame of the holiday season, and the over whelming response for the time frame of the holiday season was late November through early January.  So we will define the holiday season as being the time frame from late November to January.

The time frame of in the above definition covers the more than one holiday, namely Thanks giving and of course the Christmas and New Years.  This is a time where many families get together to enjoy time together.

It is very common to see large family gatherings, which of course can make it hard for home showings.  Getting a scheduled showing during your Thanksgiving feast, I’m sure would be inconvenient.  Yet, when selling a home one can set times and boundaries – so it really does not have to be inconvenient, and one does not have to MISS the potential opportunities of showings and of selling.

Is there buyers during the holiday season?

The best way one could tell if there is buyers, would be proof right of buyers buying.  What would be the best proof one could use or provide to demonstrate the fact that homes DO sell during the holiday season.  How about we look at sales during the holiday season, for a couple of different areas within Metro Phoenix:

Sales during the Holidays season 2016-2017

Phoenix                                                             13,845

Tempe                                                               322

Scottsdale                                                        1204

South Phoenix & Laveen                416

Sales during the Holidays season 2015-2016

Phoenix                                                             12,375

Tempe                                                               287

Scottsdale                                                        1100

South Phoenix & Laveen                386


Sales during holidays season 2014-2015

Phoenix                                                             11,084

Tempe                                                               263

Scottsdale                                                        1016

South Phoenix & Laveen                320


Sales during the holiday season 2013-2014

Phoenix MLS                                                    10,881

Tempe                                                               259

Scottsdale                                                        980

South Phoenix & Laveen                337


As you can see we have pulled sales information for the last 4 years.  While there is some small fluctuation in the different areas, there is CLEAR evidence that homes sell during the holidays.

Take for instance South Phoenix and Laveen for last holiday season, they saw 416 sales!  Keep in mind that for the last several years it has been a seller market, which means inventory has also been low.  We may have seen more sales if buyers had more choices.  Regardless, above is clear evidence that one CAN get homes sold during the holidays.


Benefits for buyers to buy during the holiday

Are there any benefits to being a buyer during the holiday season?  Wow what a great question, and I think the short answer is indeed yes there is benefit.

Let me state the best benefit in my opinion right off, which is less buyer competition.  During most of the year, one will always have to contend with other buyers competing for homes.  Also chances are that they WILL like the same home you like as well, right?

Yet during the holiday, many buyers will decide to hold off on their purchase until after the holiday season.  So again, less competition.

Another great benefit for buyers, is that homes on the market for sale ARE from home owners that ARE indeed interested in selling.  The small distinction is that some want to sell while others need to sell.  As a buyer, it is always better to have a home owner that needs to sell.  The home owners that need to sell will still be marketing their homes during the holidays, and will be open to offers.  Could be a great opportunity to negotiate, depending on the market and need seller has to sell.


Benefits for a home owner in selling during the holiday

Much like for buyers, there is benefit to a home owner that is wanting to sell during the holidays.  We have already established, homes DO sell during the holiday season, so why not yours?  If considering selling, or need to sell it is a good time to place your home on the market and let me tell you why.

One of the top reasons for placing your property for sale during the holiday season is because there are buyers that need to buy.  There are buyers that need to buy, but also there are fewer sellers that are on the market during the holiday season.

There are generally fewer homes placed on the market during the holiday season and there are many reasons.  It could very well that this is due to either the inconvenience or belief that no one buys during the holiday.  Of course one also may just not want to worry about the showings, negotiating, the inspection periods and would rather hold off placing their property on the market till after the holidays.

The short of this all is: that a home owner or property owner will have less competition during the holidays.  With fewer homes on the market, there will be less competition from other home owners.  This could actually even be of greater benefit during a seller market.

In addition, there are buyers looking for homes.  Not only is there buyers looking for homes, most buyers that are looking are SERIOUS buyers.  Buyers that look for properties during the holidays tend to be buyers that NEED to buy a home or that must have a property and generally by a certain time frame.


Conclusion- Based on information from historical sales in the area, one should indeed consider selling their home during the holiday season.  One could be sure to have serious buyers look at their home.  Buyers that have a need to buy a house and generally have a shorter amount of time for the purchase.

Also as a seller, you will face less competition from other home owners.  With less competition, and serious buyers, my suggestion is to go ahead and place your property on the market for sale.  Your home, may be like many of the others that have sold before.


South Phoenix – One of the best places to consider buying in the Pheonix area

South Phoenix – One of the best places to consider buying in the Pheonix area


South Phoenix is located directly south of the Metro Phoenix area, or down town area.  In essence South Phoenix is made up of the following zip codes: 85041, 85042 and 85040.

The South Phoenix area is South of the Rio Salado, and runs all the way up to the South Mountain preserve on the South end.  It also runs from about 48th St on the east to 35th Ave on the west side.


Why is the South Phoenix area one of the best places to consider buying property?

The area is really appealing for many reasons.  Proximity to the cultural offerings of the Phoenix area.

Sports Fan?  Diamondbacks play only a short drive away.  Football more your style, the Arizona Cardinals have their stadium less than 30 minutes’ drive.  Maybe you are a basketball fan and want to watch the Phoenix Suns take on their opponents, easy, the stadium is just a quick 10 minute drive from most areas in South Phoenix.

Want other cultural activities?  The central Phoenix area offers several museums one can enjoy such as:

The heard, Phoenix Science Center, The Phoenix Art Museum, and more.  Plenty of places to visit.


The South Phoenix area also has a lot of outdoor activities one can enjoy.  The south mountain preserve gives access to about 17000 acres of pristine mountain desert, where one can enjoy nature at its finest.  There are MILES upon miles of hiking trails, horseback riding, mountain and road biking options and even many look out areas where one can enjoy the scenery.

As they say in real estate, it is all about location, location and location.  South Phoenix offers a great place to buy and it is because of location.  It is close to the central Phoenix down town area, Sky Harbor international airport is near, multiple area malls and retails area, and several easy options for commutes.  In short South Phoenix is situated in the perfect spot and is a top reason for it being a great place to consider buying a home or property.



Homes and property

The area of South Phoenix offers a HUGE variety of homes to choose from, and along with that many different price ranges as well.  To see some of the variety of property available and currently for sale see below preset links and searches set up for your convenience below:

Condos and Townhomes

Homes with no HOA

Homes with HOA

Golf Course community homes

Horse Property

Gated community Homes

Homes with airstrip access (planes)



There are of course both elementary and high schools serving the south Phoenix area.

Elementary public schools are the Roosevelt School district as well as the Laveen Elementary school district servicing the Laveen area.


There are several public high schools in the area, which are part of the Phoenix union high school.  They are:

South Phoenix High School

Cesar Chavez

Betty Fairfax


Local – About the area | Things that one should know


South Mountain Preserve – It is more that 16,000 acres of land, and is one of the largest municipal parks in the United States.  There is miles of trails that one can enjoy for hiking, biking and even horse back riding.


SMEEC – The South Mountain Environmental Education Center, which is located in the South mountain park, is an excellent resource in our area.  It is a great place to go and learn about the desert south west.  They offer tours, classes and even astronomy.


Horseback riding – The South Mountain preserve has over 16000 acres of land, which of course includes miles of trails.  This makes for great horseback riding, which one can do.  The Ponderosa stables is located just beyond the entry to the South Mountain preserve on Central Avenue entrance.  Here one can rent horses and enjoy a great outing.


Audobon Society – The Nina Mason Pulliam Rio Salado audobon society.  It is a great place to visit to see about our local environment.  They have a great mission which is to: “conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity”.  Wow – to me that says it all.  They are located on Central Ave and the Rio Salado.



The Real Estate market, some statistics and market trends

Average days on market

The below graph will show some of the information for South Phoenix real estate.  Specifically it will look at average days on market.  This will give you an idea of how long it could take (on average) to sell a home in the South Phoenix area.

Please keep in mind, you will need to know current market value and price it accordingly.


Average home sale prices

The below graph will show average home sale prices for the South Phoenix area.  This will of course include all properties sold in the South Phoenix area, which will include single family, townhomes, and custom home and even ranches.  Keep this in mind, it is an average for all properties in area.

  • 56.8,42.1,53.4,75.1,69.7,64.6,53.9,69.7,51.0,50.0,53.3,57.4

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2019

If considering selling your South Phoenix home, make sure to determine your specifics home value.

Average list/sale price

The below graph will show the average list to sell price.


Should you need help either buying or selling.  Call David Baker your local South Phoenix and Laveen real estate agent.  Let me share my knowledge and experience which has helped many clients get a better deal in their real estate transaction.  Let me share and help make you the most on your real estate deals.

Tips and strategies to help you get the best deal………… David Baker.

Home Staging Tips for Pet Owners

Home Staging Tips for Pet Owners

Image via Pexels


As much as you love your pets, not everyone is an admirer of animals. If you plan on putting your house on the market, chances are there will be more than one person buying a new home in your area that isn’t exactly a pet-lover. If you want to keep their interest and increase your chances of selling your home in a reasonable time frame, you want to do what you can to reduce your pets’ impact and hide their presence when it is time to show your home.


Home staging is the process of cleaning, decorating, and curating the details of your home to be its most appealing on the market. There are many ways to stage a home. Some of them require huge projects that overhaul entire rooms or areas. Sometimes even the smallest things can have a huge impact. Properly staging a home helps people get the maximum sale price possible — the median sale price in Laveen, Arizona, is $235,000, for reference.


Some commons ways people stage a home include:


  • Polishing wood surfaces with orange oil
  • Removing clutter and depersonalizing the home
  • Replacing towels and linens
  • Adding mirrors to open up space
  • Highlighting storage areas by boxing up items
  • Hiring professionals to clean rugs and carpets
  • Organizing books and knick-knacks into small groups
  • Storing extra furniture and large items off-site
  • Touching up paint– or re-painting altogether.
  • Replacing light bulbs with energy-efficient versions


For homeowners with pets, staging has to go a step further than these simple tips. Pet owners need to take the necessary precautions to remove smells, hair, dirt, and any other evidence of their furry loved ones around the house.


Remove Stained or Ruined Items from Around the House


Every pet owner has something around the house that shows blatant evidence of their pet’s destructive abilities. Whether it is that rug that Fido left a spot on or that old loveseat that kitty took to be her personal scratching post, it is best that those items be out of sight and out of mind before you show your house to a potential buyer. Advertise the items as free-for-pickup on a website like Craigslist or Nextdoor, donate them to a local charity, or contact a local junk and bulk trash disposal company to get them out of your hair. In addition to these big things, also hide the little items that betray your pet’s presence.


Eliminate Pet Odors


As much as a good stove top potpourri can help your home smell inviting during an open house, nothing gets rid of musty old pet odors quite like a good cleaning. Pet odor is the result of chemical reactions caused by bacteria, dander, molds, and other icky things our pets leave behind. Getting rid of these unpleasant odors means disinfecting from top to bottoms.


  • Sweep and mop floors to completely remove dirt, dust, dander, and debris.
  • After having carpets and rugs professionally cleaned.
  • Wash all of your pet’s items, including beds, blankets, and toys.
  • Access a black light to find evidence of pet messes.
  • Use an odor-sealing primer to address urine smells on drywall or wooden furniture.

Reduce Allergens


Even if they can’t see or smell your pets, people with allergies will know they are there once their eyes start to water and their noses begin to itch. You can help reduce allergens with daily cleaning, but that may not be enough. Replace air filters in your HVAC systems and consider buying purifiers that you can place strategically throughout the house. Open the windows and let some of the fresh air circulate to help dilute dander. Also have your entire home — especially carpets, curtains, and furniture — steam cleaned to help kill bacteria and allergens.


Staging your home takes a little more work when you have pets. You want to remove any visual evidence of your furry friends by getting rid of ruined items and hiding their accessories. Pet odors are caused by bacteria, dander, and mold, so the best way to get rid of them is through a good cleaning. Finally, you can reduce allergens in your home with steam cleaning and new filters in your home’s air filtration system.



Article provided by Medina at




Where is the best place to buy in Phoenix?

So, “where is the best place to buy in Phoenix?”  Of course one must understand, this is a really LOADED question, and there are so many different ways one can answer the question.  There are many that would argue ALL areas of Phoenix are great, but that would not really answer our question of the day.  So, for the purposes of this article we will look at:

  1. Some of the more popular areas of Phoenix
  2. Some of the reasons for its popularity

While this article will briefly touch on the many areas of Metro Phoenix that answer the question “where is the best place to buy in Phoenix?”, each individual section will at some point include links to a larger article on that specific location.  Including in the follow up article will be an in depth look or argument as to why many would consider that location to be a great place to purchase a home or property.  In those lengthier articles we will look at topics such as: location, neighborhood, about area, schools, demographics, home values and market trends and more.


So let’s dive right in and look at some of the best places to buy in Phoenix.  This will include some of the top choices clients of mine have liked over the course of the last several years.


1st place to consider as best place to buy in the Phoenix area | Laveen Arizona

First on my list for a great places to buy in the Phoenix area is Laveen Arizona.  Laveen Az, zip code 85339 is somewhat of a well-hidden secret for the last many years.  Located in South West Phoenix, Laveen is one of the closest suburbs to the Central Phoenix area.  Originally the area was very rural with multiple dairy farms and plenty of farm land.  To this day, Laveen still has 1 dairy and multiple farms that produce different crops such as alfalfa or cotton.

Why consider Laveen Arizona as one of the best places to buy in the Phoenix area?  Well, when it comes down to it Laveen really has a LOT going for it.  Location is ideal, because of proximity to the central Phoenix areas.  Home values, are another big reason.  Laveen Arizona does offer many buyers some of the best values when comparing to other areas in Phoenix.  In other words, you can really get a lot more for your money in Laveen.

In addition the 202 South Mountain freeway will be coming to the area making it even more accessible.  The Arizona department of transportation begun construction of the freeway in 2017, and progress can clearly be seen at this time (1/27/2018).  The freeway will be connecting the I-10 on the South side of Ahwatukee, heading around the South Mountain Preserve along the west side and up around 59th ave all the way up to the I-10 on the west side of Phoenix.

To see my full article on why Laveen Arizona would be a great place to consider when buying, just click.



2nd place to consider as best place to buy in Phoenix area | South Phoenix

South Phoenix area makes it as the 2nd best place to buy property in the metro Phoenix area.  The south Phoenix areas runs from about the I-10 freeway on the east side, to about 27th Ave and the west side.  The southern border would be the south mountain preserve and runs north until the rio salado.  The area is made up of the following zip codes: 85040, 85041, and 85042.

Location is one of the great appeals of the area.  It is located pretty much directly south of down town Phoenix.  Commutes are made very easy due to the multiple ways one can choose to drive.  As many know, Phoenix roadways are mostly a grid of north/south and east/west roads.  For commutes to central Phoenix one could choose from up to 9 main roads to travel, and this would all be main surface street roads.  On average, one could probably make it from any area in South Phoenix to central Phoenix using only surface streets in within 20-25 minutes tops.  So location, and commutes are huge.

The appeal of location is also made larger by the amount of outdoor activities offered in the area.  To begin, it is located at the base of the south mountain preserve, which has over 16,000 acres of undeveloped and pristine desert mountain.  There are tons of places to hike, bike, mountain bike and more, so it makes for a great location for outdoor enthusiast.

Lastly, home values are another great reason to give consideration to South Phoenix as a best place to buy in Phoenix.  Much like Laveen, south Phoenix offers some great deals for home buyers.  One can get more for a home, when comparing to other areas of the valley of the sun.

To see my full article on why South Phoenix would be a great place to consider when buying, just click.


3nd place to consider as best place to buy in Phoenix area | Tempe Arizona

Tempe Arizona is another great place to consider buying a home.  Tempe is located just south east of the central Phoenix area.  Specifically it from about the 101 on the East to the I-10 on the west side.  It also runs from about McDowell Rd on the North end to Ray Rd on the South.

Tempe is home to Arizona State University, all its teachers & faculty, and what is one of the largest student bodies in the United States.  I love the atmosphere in the area that comes with being close to the university.  To begin with, there are all the great sporting events that can be attended.  ASU has great football, basketball, soccer, aquatics and other events one can enjoy.

Tempe really is one of the communities that has it all.  There is a lot of nightlife one can find, especially on Mill Avenue in Central Tempe.  There is also a lot of outdoor activities in the area, walk, hikes, biking, roller blading, or even paddle boarding on the Tempe Town Lake.  City of Tempe also offers a large variety of activities through its recreational centers: soccer, softball, swimming and more.


To see my full article on why Tempe Arizona would be a great place to consider when buying, just click.


4nd place to consider as best place to buy in Phoenix area | Chandler Arizona


Chandler Arizona is another great place to consider purchasing and calling home.  Chandler is located south of Tempe and runs from about Ray Rd to Riggs Rd on the South.  It also runs from about the I-10 on the west to Lindsay on the East.

I lived for a short time in Chandler when I first moved to the valley back in 2001.  It is a great community with a lot to do as well, much like the other communities that have made my list.  Chandler much like Tempe is a well-established suburb, and as such has a lot of offerings.  City offers multiple recreational areas, pools and of course recreational activates.   In addition there are a lot of indoor options for when it gets too HOT to be outdoors, like the Chandler Fashion Center or mall.

Did you know that the city was named after one of the first veterinary settlers to the area?  It is true, a man by the name of Alexander Chandler.  It may be for this very reason, that Chandler is such a pet friendly community, right?

To see my full article on why Chandler would be a great place to consider when buying, just click.



5th top place to consider as best place to buy in Phoenix area | Ahwatukee Arizona

There are many options as you can see, but another place on might consider to purchase a property would be Ahwatukee Arizona.

Ahwatukee is what is referred to as an Urban Village of Phoenix.  It is the southernmost part of the city of Phoenix.  It is bordered on the East by the I-10, on the West by the Indian reservation, on the North by the South Mountain preserve and on the South the Indian reservation.  In a way it is very much isolated from the rest of Phoenix due to the Mountain range.

As it sits on the foothills of the south Mountain preserve, it has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts.  The south Mountain preserve is a great place for biking, mountain biking, hiking, jogging, mountaineering, and just over all enjoyment of the outdoors.  I will also say, it has some nice golf courses too!

I have sold many homes in the Ahwatukee area, and I love the variety of home that is offered within the community.  While many of my top choices offer many of the same choices, such as condos, townhomes, single family and even luxury, Ahwatukee has a little of it all.  There are some communities that are on golf courses, some that are on a lake, some priced average for the area, and some luxury homes that will knock your socks off.  Great choices!

To see my full article on why Ahwatukee Arizona would be a great place to consider when buying, just click.


6th top place to consider as best place to buy in Phoenix area | Central Phoenix

Central Phoenix also makes my top five list of where to consider buying in the Phoenix area.  As the name implies, the area is the central part of the entire Metro Phoenix area.  Central Phoenix goes from about Bethany Home Rd on the North to Lower Buckeye on the South.  It also extends from about 32nd street on the east side to about 35th avenue on the west side.

The energy and the current transformation is really one of the fantastic aspect I like about the central Phoenix area.  Central Phoenix has gone through a period of revitalization, and some really great things are happening.  First to happen in the area was the addition of the downtown ASU campus.  While I can’t say I’m an expert as to what the University offers, I do have knowledge that the campus offers some of the following degrees: nursing, health solutions, journalism, teachers college and a few more.

Another addition to the central Phoenix area was Copper Square.  For the longest time the only game in town was the Phoenix suns stadium and then nothing…….  When the copper square area was built up the downtown area became hip again and the area flourished.  Now the down town area offers a nightlife, professional sports, comedy clubs, bowling alleys, coffee shops and so much more.

The neat thing for anyone considering a move into the Central Phoenix area is that the rejuvenation is NOT over. I still see many buyers, and investors buying older homes and fixing them up.  The area offers museums, art galleries, plenty of eating and entertainment options.  In all, with more coming to the area and the growth evident to anyone who cares to drive around and see – this is a great area to consider.

To see my full article on why Central Phoenix would be a great place to consider when buying, just click.


There are some truly great places in metro Phoenix, and deciding on which area to consider for the purchase of your home can be difficult. The above are my top choices for where I would consider buying.  I can say that there are certainly many other wonderful areas that could be considered, and it really would depend on what specifically each and every buyer is looking for in the search for a home.  Some come to the area for seasonal reasons that include no shortage of being on the golf course for days on end.  Others come to Phoenix specifically to enjoy spring training and then may consider doing VRBO (vacation rentals by owner) for the rest of the year.  Yet others are indeed looking for a place to call home, and are looking for proximity to things such as: work, the airport, the mountain range, shopping, specific school districts, close to one of the universities, or maybe just looking for housing that is both comfortable and affordable.  There is something for EVERYONE in Phoenix and the top choices above are not the only ones, they are just my top choices.  If looking to buy a home in the Phoenix metro area or suburbs, give me a call, I’d love to talk about what would be the ideal home for you.





1406 W Darrel Rd Phoenix Az 85041 – SOLD


Welcome to this South Phoenix listing, located at 1406 W Darrel Rd Phoenix Az 85041.

About the Home

HOME IS NOT ON MLS at this time.  To see home call David Alan Baker 602-373-6345

Home is a wonderful home for sale in South Phoenix, located in the 85041 zip code.  Home has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, with an additional room which serves as an office, but could easily be converted to a 4th bedroom!

Some of the specifics of the home are as follows:

1735 square feet of livable space

3 bedroom

2 bath

private pool

2 car garage home

This is a single story home, built in 2003.  While it is not on a pie shaped corner lot, it is close enough to the corner that the home does not share a neighbor to the back, but instead backs to a common area.

The interior

Home has a very well planned out floor plan, and was one of the popular plans in the subdivision.  Master is of generous size and also has a walk in closet, good size master bath with split shower and tub.  Nice open living area with breakfast bar toward kitchen, as well as an additional room which is used currently as a den.  This additional room could easily be converted into a 4th bedroom.

Fair size kitchen, with plenty of cabinet and counter space.  Breakfast bar opening into the living area, as well as an eat in kitchen breakfast nook.  Kitchen does have dishwasher, built in microwave, dual sinks, pantry, and refrigerator.

The Exterior

One of the wonderful things about this home, is location.  It is in a great subdivision to begin with, but it also backs up to a common area, so no neighbors to the back of home.  This is a single story, frame wood construction home, with tile roof.  Nice elevation and very nice curb appeal to home, especially with nice mature palo verdes to front of home.

Home does have a private pool as well, and covered back patio.  In addition home does also have an RV gate to the side of home, where one could park additional vehicles or store toys.

About the Subdivision

1406 W Darrel Rd Phoenix Az 85041, is located in the popular subdivision of Mountain vistas.  The subdivision was mostly built out in the years 2003 through 2005.  149 properties within subdivision are single story homes, and the rest (about 31) are two story homes.  The average house for the Mountain vistas subdivision is 1567 and is built on a average lot size of 6947 square feet.

There are several green belt areas within the subdivision as well.

About the HOA

HOA or the Home Owners Association is called the Mountain Vistas HOA.  It is professionally run by Golden Valley property management, at least it is at the time of this listing.  Current monthly assessments are $47.50 and cover the cost of the common areas maintenance.  Common areas are those areas that are open, or greenbelts.

About South Phoenix

Well, what can one say about the South Phoenix area, it is great.  One of the great benefits of living in the South Phoenix area, is the location.  No matter were one decides to buy and live in the area, the commutes to most areas within the Valley of the Sun are made easy by our location.

In addition there is plenty to do in the area.  The downtown nightlife, and cultural area are all within about 20 minutes drive.  For the outdoor enthusiast, the municipal park has over 16,000 acres of hiking, biking and more.

About the School District

The Elementary School

The elementary school for the area is the Roosevelt school district.  This is a fairly good size district, and there are over 10 elementary school within the South Phoenix area.  This particular home falls within the borders of VH Lassen elementary school.  School is located at the crossroads of vineyard and 9th ave.

The High School

The highschool for most of Phoenix, which will also include South Phoenix is the Phoenix union high school.  This particular home does fall within the attendance boundary for Cesar Chavez high school, which is located at about 39th ave and Baseline Rd.

Area News

SOLD – 326 E Thunderbird Trl Phoenix Az 85042

SOLD – South Phoenix home with no HOA for sale.

South Phoenix is full of homes that were built mostly prior to 2000, that have no home owners association as part of the subdivision.  Most are, of course a little order as indicated, and many are on your traditional size lot.  Not the case with 326 E Thunderbird Trl Phoenix AZ 85042!

326 E Thunderbird Trl Phoenix Az 85042 - front of home 3

View of front of home

326 E Thunderbird Trl is coming to market soon.  This is an older home, built in 1960 and as such is a brick built home.  In addition home is part of the Thunderbird estates subdivision, which has for many years been a very popular subdivision.  The subdivision is relatively small, extending from Thunderbird Trail to Dobbins Rd, and from Central Ave to 7th street.  The vast majority of the homes are all on ¼ acre lots, and being that they pretty much at the base of the South Mountain, they offer both city and mountain views.

Both home owners that plan to occupy and those that have bought for investment purposes have found homes in the thunderbird estates appealing.  It has been ideal for many home owners for many reasons.  One of the reasons is of course it is a south phoenix home with no hoa.  Not having to deal with a home owners association is a great benefit to many people.  Also, home is incredibly well located.  It is a mere 10 to 15 minute drive to central Phoenix, all on surface streets.  As Phoenix is a grid, there is also multiple options for travel to choose, and the time of travel really won’t differ much.  Because many of the homes are older, investors have bought in area and done some great remodels………and sold for a nice profit!  I have seen many homes over the years which have been very nicely updated, and which have sold what would have been a nice profit.

A little about this south Phoenix home with no HOA – 326 E Thunderbird Trl Phoenix Az 85042

Home is a 3 bedroom home

2 bathrooms – one is guest and one is in master bedroom

1745 square foot of livable space – garage was enclosed, so this figure is likely higher

Indoor laundry – many older homes in area had laundry detached or outside

Private pool

¼ acre lot

Corner lot

North/South exposure

City views from back yard

Mountain views to South Mountain to the front


This home has incredible potential for all buyers.  Starting with exterior of home, the front of home is desert landscape so is very little maintenance.  Nice curb appeal home with entry to home either from front of home or 2 car garage.  As mentioned this is a corner lot home and only shares one side with another home, home to the east.  Back of home offers a spacious back yard, also desert landscape.  Private pool is a generous size, and as was popular in the day is a little deeper than current pools being built, and offers a diving board.  No neighbors to back of home, small area was currently owned by Thunderbird gold club and was kept open without any visible use.  This particular section of the golf course was were cub house was located, and where driving range was directed.  Back in the day, I have been informed home may have met a golf ball on occasion.  Back of home also offers a covered patio area and entry to both main part of home as well as enclosed garage area.

Interior of home gives impression of a much larger home.  This particular South Phoenix home with no hoa, is generous with the size, layout and design of home.  Home is tiled throughout most high traffic areas such as entry, living, 2nd living, kitchen and hallway.  Bedrooms are carpeted and all are of good size.  Many homes built prior to 1980 had smaller bedrooms, but that is NOT THE Case here.  Bedrooms are all of ample size and are likely to accommodate all ones needs.  Master is located toward back of home, and while not a split floor plans offers plenty of privacy.  Master does have its own private bath with ¾ bath.  Two living room areas, one could be potentially a formal dining area.  Potential dining room does have a bay window, fireplace and is also of generous size.  Off kitchen living room is also of good size, is also off the entry and offers sliding glass door to exit to back yard patio.

Kitchen is also pretty large and has a good layout.  Plenty of counter space as well as cabinets.  Counter tops are all laminate counters.  All cabinets are older, potentially installed at time home was originally built.  Yet they have held up very well and are in good condition.  In kitchen breakfast nook with enough room for breakfast or dining table to sit 4/6 people (I did not test this, just a guess).

Garage area has been enclosed, or at least the vast majority of the garage has been enclosed.  Interior wall has been placed about 3 to 4 feet in from garage door, enclosing the larger portion of garage.  Within this area you will find the access to the laundry room, access to the main house at about the kitchen, and even a super small either living area or storage area.  Also, you could say the home also does have an additional 3rd living room, as the larger portion of the garage which was enclosed does have a large area, which could be used as another living room, or maybe a play area.  This area has been carpeted and does have a/c to it as well.  Nice room, with much potential!

Do you like the outdoors?  Well the location of this home is ideal for someone who works in the downtown area/Tempe area and has a love for the outdoors.  This home is located within about ¼ of a mile to the main entrance to the South Phoenix municipal park.  This park is one of the largest municipal parks in the world, and offers a little bit of everything for the outdoor enthusiast.  On a daily basis one can see many hikers taking on the many trails offers by the park.  There are several choices for hikers from easy to moderate to difficult hikes.  Many of these trails also serve for those who love riding mountain bikes as well.  Miles upon miles of choices, and of course many options for skill levels as well.  Like horseback riding?  The ponderosa stables offers horseback rides throughout the year, and you also can find boarding for your horse, if you own.  Joggers, walkers, hikers, runners, bikers, horse backers and so much more.

In a nut shell 326 E Thunderbird Trl Phoenix Az 85042 is a great choice for a South Phoenix home with no HOA.

**SOLD** 3511 E Baseline Rd 1148

Now on the market, 3511 E Baseline Rd 1148.

This condo is located in the Shadow Mountain Villas condominiums.  This of course is very conveniently located in the area of South Phoenix.  Just east of 32 street and Baseline Rd on the south side of the street.  Community does have a work out facility as well as community pool.  This condominium complex was built in 1986 and has a total of 265 units.  There are a higher percentage of single level units with 138 single level units and the remaining 127 being 2 level units.

3511 E Baseline 1148 condo for sale

3511 E Baseline 1148 condo for sale

This particular unit located at 3511 E Baseline Rd #1148 is a 2 level unit.  It is in good condition and is move in ready.  There are good size congregating areas on the ground floor the living area and the off kitchen dining area.

3511 E Baseline 1148 living 2

3511 E Baseline 1148 living 2

3511 E Baseline 1148 condo for sale

3511 E Baseline 1148 off kitchen to patio

There are indeed two bedrooms in this unit.  Both bedroom are located upstairs.  Both do have good closet space, one a walk in closet.  There is a total of 1.5 baths in this home, with the full bathroom of course being upstairs, and the guest bath down stairs off the kitchen area.


3511 E Baseline 1148

3511 E Baseline 1148

Kitchen is of generous size with granite counters, plenty of cabinet space and even stainless steel appliances.

3511 E Baseline 1148 condo for sale

3511 E Baseline 1148 condo for sale

3511 E Baseline 1148 condo for sale

3511 E Baseline 1148 condo for sale

This is a great opportunity to own a condo in the south Phoenix area.  Location as they say is key in real estate, and this condo has great location.  To begin with the condo is located toward the back of the complex, and as such also enjoys the ability to gain access and along the side street to avoid driving through most of Shadow Mountain villas.  Condo unit is also fairly close to the community pool.  The complex of Shadow Mountain villas condo is also located for super easy commutes.  The I-10 interstate is only about 3 miles away, and down town is a short 15 minute drive going all back roads.  Like golf?  This unit is located within a short distance to the Raven Golf course and the Legacy golf course.  If your a really avid golfer and like to try more courses, South Phoenix also offers Aguila golf course and the cotton field golf course, which all are within 15 minute drives of this location.  Point is, this may be a great vacation unit as well.

For questions about the condo for sale, call David at 602.3736.6345


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Laveen Real Estate Market Update 2016

BY David Baker

Real Estate Agent with HomeSmart Realty

Weekly Laveen Real Estate market updates and Insight, read on below.

Why do people live here? 

Laveen Az  is a rural feel community where modern living meets a rural lifestyle, with close commutes to Central Phoenix.  Laveen Az is among the perfect choices there are in the Metro Phoenix area for an abode.  Laveen offers a variety of different style homes including horse property, santa fe, gated communities, custom homes on acreage, and all with great mountain views.  While laveen Az offers a very rural feel, all modern amenities are close by with easy access to grocery stores, drug stores, high way access and local area malls.  Outdoor enthusiast also can enjoy the 16000 plus acres of mountain preserve offered by South Mountain.  Laveen Az offers a little something for everyone.


Looking for a home in Laveen Az?

Click here for the most current list of homes for sale in Laveen Az.


What’s Laveen Az like?

Laveen Az has several different style communities that make up this Phoenix suburb.  Originally Laveen Az had been mostly an agricultural and dairy area, as is still evident by some of the area dairies and plenty of open acreage that is farmed.  With that in mind you still have some older homes in the area which were originally housing for workers to the land in the area.  As the area began developing many farmers  sold off their land and eventually gave growth to new home subdivisions.  There are several new home subdivisions in the Laveen Az area, with the majority being built 2000 -2008.  There are also several 1 acre custom home sites that were built along the southern edges of laveen Az and as well as around 51st ave/Dobbins as well as 67th ave and Baseline.  So you have open farm land, horse properties on acreage, some older homes in pockets, and also several newer home subdivisions.

If your considering selling, I would recommend a home evaluation by a professional realtor.  While the numbers here given are information, they also use all homes in the Laveen Real estate area, and it is best to use similar homes when deciding on home value.

May, 2016

Here are the numbers below for the month ending April 2016.

159 active homes for sale

163 homes under contract

79 homes sold in Laveen for month of April 2016

$98.41 was average $/sq ft

$203,410 was average sale price

64 was average days on market for homes sold

This is a seller market here in Laveen.  Yet, beware, while this looks at the entire zip code, you may want to look closer depending on your home, condition and price range.

December 2015

Course, this is now January and I’ll be looking back at how the year ended.  Over all we had a pretty stable 2015 year, one that did see some appreciation.  The appreciation was that of about 5% for the year.  Though we did see less listings at end of year, surprisingly the number of sales was higher than normal.  Due to the less inventory, and the higher sales, we are technically still experiencing a seller market now.  Why?  Well because we have less than 3 months absorption/inventory.

171 properties for sale

101 homes currently under contract for sale

86 homes sold in the last 30 days

1.98 months of absorption/inventory

$96.89 was average sales price a square foot for those homes sold

$209,556 sold average for the last 30 days

74 was average time to sell those homes

Again, homes are selling if they are priced right.  While we did experience a little of a seller market at the end, this is to me a surprise.  See, the number of active homes had been climbing, and number of sales declining.  Except, we had a unusually high number of sales in December.  So there it it.

Good time to sell?  Sure.  If you need to talk about your options for selling or buying in 2016 please give me a call.


November 16, 2015

Number of active listings has gone down a smidgen, but only because a bunch of homes went under contract.  Chances are, many of these homes were priced right and likely were under $250,000.  Why, well those are the ones that are selling quicker, again if priced RIGHT.

176 active properties for sale

135 properties currently under contract

60 homes sold in Laveen last 30 days

$97.77 was the average $/sq ft for homes sold

$203,148 was the average sale price

49 was the average days on market

Second week in a row, we are maintaining under 3 months of turnover.  This is technically a seller market, but as some sellers out there are seeing some homes are not getting a lot of views.  Who’s homes are not showing?  Likely those that are distressed homes, as this makes up less than 8% of the market.  Not many buyers are willing to wait for a short sale approval.  That being said, I have 2 that are just at about approval and they did get visits.  Why, because of INTENSE marketing and good pricing strategy.

Homes are selling, but need to be well marketed and priced.

December 2015November 9th, 2015

Decrease of active homes on market, and consistent sales keep the Laveen market moving along steady.  Not really much change, homes are selling, values are consistent.  Values for Laveen home been consistent at mid $90’s a square foot since June 2015.

182 active properties for sale

134 properties currently under contract

61 homes sold in last 30 days

$95.87 average $/sq foot for homes sold last 30 days

$202,507 was average sale price

53 was the average days on market for those homes that sold

*Sold* 2534 W Beverly Rd Phoenix Az 85041

SOLD SOLD SOLD – Another home sold

For Sale 2534 W Beverly Rd Phoenix Az 85041

Excellent opportunity to purchase a South Phoenix home for sale located in Silva Mountain.  Silva Mountain is a community located between Baseline Rd. and South Mountain, and 23rd Ave and 27th Ave.  Truly a wonderful community with several green belt areas, within proximity of the South Mountain preserve, super easy commutes to most of Metro Phoenix.


2534 W Beverly Rd is now for sale, and offers a great opportunity to own in the Silva Mountain community.  Home is very lightly lived in and shows like a new home and former model.  Home has many upgrades which include upgraded tiled traffic areas, cherry wood flooring in the living area and more.  One truly must see this home to appreciate the spectacular opportunity on this move in ready home.

Silva Moutain

Silva Moutain

Kitchen offers many upgrades of its own.  Some of the upgrades in kitchen include a tiled backsplash which runs from the breakfast bar, around to cooking area and looks great.  Appliances do convey and are stainless steel refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher.  Upgraded dark wood kitchen cabinetry, installed in a staggered configuration – looks awesome.  Kitchen does boast granite counters, a breakfast bar, plenty of counter space, pantry and even an off kitchen breakfast nook.

2534 W Beverly Rd

2534 W Beverly Rd

Good size bedrooms and nice floor plan.  Home for sale at 2534 W Beverly Rd in Silva Mountain is a 3 bedroom 2 bath home, with a den.  Den could easily be converted for a 4th bedroom if needed.  Split flor plan with master on one end.  Good size master with walk in closet, double sinks, split tub and shower.


2534 W Beverly Rd Silva Mountain

2534 W Beverly Rd Silva Mountain


Folks, can’t stress enough what a great home 2534 W Beverly Rd in Silva Mountain is, come by and check it out.  Don’t miss out on 2534 W Beverly Rd.


This home located at 2534 W Beverly Rd Phoenix Az 85041 is an excellent opportunity.

  • Excellent location
  • Easy commutes
  • Wonderful views of the mountains (estrella’s and south mountain)
  • close to down town
  • close to hiking etc.