February 24


Buying a house in Phoenix with bad credit

Are you interested in buying a house in Phoenix with bad credit?  Truth is there really is a limited number of ways to buy a home when in possession of bad credit.  I would like to share something though, that can help you relatively quickly purchase a home, even if you have bad credit today.  So stay with me here for a short bit, in the end you may be able to purchase a home and do so using traditional lending, paying the same rates as others!!!!  No gimmick, no tricks, just working with people that know how to fix the credit quick and allow you to purchase a home.

While one can likely find some loans that will conform to folks with bad credit, they often will cost you more money.  Some examples would be seller financing or even hard money loans.  Matter a fact I know of a portfolio loan program that will finance homes for some people recently out of short sale or foreclosure.  Yet you still likely will have to put a larger amount of money down, pay a higher interest rate, and still meet certain criteria.  This quick article is not to inform you of those loans, but to share how you can do traditional financing, getting good interest rates and doing so with repaired credit.

I work with a group of lenders that understand how to quickly repair bad credit.  I work with these lenders because like myself they have a desire to help people as well as make a living.  There is no secret here, we all make our living in the real estate field.  I myself make my living by helping people with their purchase and sale of homes just like the lender makes money by helping people get financing.  Yet, we get great pleasure in helping people attain home ownership especially since other lenders have denied them a loan.  The issue is not whether we can help you get financing, everyone can qualify to get financed for the home, the real question is when and what needs to be done.  This will be different for all, but it will depend on current credit condition and what appears on credit, and then making the necessary plan to address and repair the credit.

What will happen to increase your credit?  First of course your credit will need to be pulled and analyzed.  Second a couple of scenarios will be given for financing a home.  Third, a step by step process will be given on how to repair your specific credit issues.  I have seen this myself first hand, and sometimes within 30 days!!!  That is right I have seen someone with bad credit who was able to have their credit score increased enough to qualify for a home loan within a very short time.  This is amazing!!!  This group of lenders I work with are great, and they walk the walk, and talk the talk.

So how do you start on the path to buying a house in Phoenix with bad credit?  Simple, fill out the information below or call me directly.  My goal is to place you in contact with my lenders who will help get your credit to the point to qualify for a home loan.  Once we have you ready to go with the loan, I will work with you personally to find, negotiate and purchase the home that fits your needs.  Of course the lenders who have helped you repair the credit will be doing the financing.  This is a team effort to help you get back to home ownership or helping you purchase your first home.

Don’t allow your current credit situation to dictate your life.  Take control of your credit, and you can do this by gaining the knowledge of things needed to be done to repair bad credit.  Call or request a call today and let’s get you buying a house in Phoenix with bad credit today!!  You may be closer to home ownership than you think.

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