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Buying a Laveen Home

Buying a Laveen home can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

I think that buying a Laveen home should be an enjoyable experience, and one that in the end gets you into a home you desire.  The purchasing of Laveen real estate is a relatively easy thing to accomplish.  There are however many steps in the process of buying a Laveen home, that a buyer should be aware of.


First step in buying a Laveen home.

I’m sure many folks may have a difference of opinion on this one, but most realtors will tell you that getting pre-qualified for a mortgage is the first place to start.  Others may say find the home first, then get the loan pre-qualification.  Well what if you don’t qualify, or qualify for less than you thought?  Then you have wasted a bunch of your time, hopes and dreams for nothing.  Why else is financing the first step in buying a home?  In short, because with no money for purchasing a home, you can’t fulfill your goal of ownership.  So, work with a reputable lender that can check your credit score, income and give you a pre-qualification as well as indicate how much payments would be one the loan amount.  This is also good, because it is very important to know your monthly payments, and be sure that you are staying within the budget you have set.

Second step in buying a Laveen home

Work with a reputable agent to help you find and negotiate a Laveen home.  It is always a good idea to work with someone that has experience in the area, and has conducted many transactions to best help you in your search and purchase.  A Laveen realtor should be able to set you up on a on-line search, or after initial conversations get a good list of possible Laveen homes for you to consider.  Once you have looked as homes and have found THE one, it is time to consider an offer.  A good agent will show Laveen home buyers comparable homes recently purchased in the area.  In this way buyer can be making an informed decision on his offer.  Realtors in the area can offer advise, but ultimately the purchase and decision belongs to the buyer.   Your realtor will submit your offer, and if needed help with any other negotiating items that may come up, such as a counter offer.

Buying a Laveen Home
Buying a Laveen home

Third Step in buying a Laveen home

The inspection period.  It is written into the contract, that home buyers have 10 calendar days to conduct inspections for the home.  During this time buyer can hire a professional inspector to thoroughly go through home and determine overall condition of the home.  Buyer can hire roofers, plumbers, electricians, ….etc. if it is something they are wanting to determine in the overall condition of the home.  During or at end of the 10 day inspection period, the buyer may then request any repairs they feel are needed on the home.  Seller then has 5 days to decide what they would like to do in regards to requested repairs.  Seller may decide to repair, may decide not to do anything, or may counter repairs with less repairs or even a credit in lieu of repairs.  Once seller has responded to the repairs request, buyer can either choose to accept sellers response or cancel the contract.

Fourth Step in Buying a Laveen HOme

The appraisal of value on the home.  This is conducted by a third party, and it is to determine the value of the home.  All lenders will require a appraisal before they loan money on a real estate transaction here in Arizona.  With luck, and because of previous research done by buyers and the realtor, any offer made should appraise for offered value.


Fifth step of buying a Laveen Home

Final walk through of home and signing loan documents for transfer of ownership.  After completion of home inspections and request for repairs, most work on the purchase is done behind the scenes by the lender preparing the loan.  Once all documents are ready, the title company will schedule buyers and sellers to sign documents for transfer of ownership.

Buying in Laveen
Buying in Laveen

Last step of the buying a Laveen home process.

Once property has funded (money has been received from lender) and recorded(title has transfered to buyer), then you are the proud new owner of a home.  Most real estate transaction can average about 30 days from contract to close.

Looking at buying a Laveen home and need an agent.  Please feel free to contact me, your local expert.



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