August 4


It is HOT!!! What to do in and Around Laveen

Laveen AZ – One of the things my kids and I enjoy doing in the summer is visiting our local Humane Society. Local chapter is the Nina Mason Campus for Compassion, located just east of Dobbins and 19th avenue intersection. This beautifully designed campus offers many things, including air conditioned viewing areas for all pets, which for the summer is critical. You have the cat viewing area, which showcases several cats ready for adoption. While viewing them is easy and one can clearly find a favorite, you can also decide to go into one of the pet visiting areas to further acquaint yourself to the cat/s. Also there is a neat little area for the small animals like rabbits, guineas, rodents…….etc. Lastly, there are the dog kennels, through which you can walk and visit the several dogs on site. One can spend plenty of time visiting with the many animals, and hopefully you’ll make such good friends with the locals, you may take someone home. Adoption process is pretty easy and can be seen at . Fees vary, but are very affordable.

It is a great way to spend a hot summer day in the Laveen area. Beyond that, you may find a treasure you can take home, and better yet offer someone a home.


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