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When considering selling what is one of your biggest criteria in selecting a realtor, likely it is that they be knowledgeable real estate agents right?

What builds the knowledge that realtors have in their field?

First real estate agents gain knowledge by understanding their market.  Don’t be fooled all agents can sell property through out the entire valley, even the entire state, but are they truly knowledgeable about the area.  For a closer area such as maybe metro phoenix it is within the realm of possibility to have a good grasp on the real estate market, but it is highly unlikely that you could be a specialist through out the entire area.


*  Pick an agent that has a good understanding of your market, that would be your home location.  This means do they know what is going on in the market such as it a buyer market, seller market, and what trends are being seen.  As a potential seller or even buyer, understanding the direction the market is going can save you money.   Is the area inventory growing and are values going up or down?  A realtor that has a good grasp on the market can help folks save MONEY.

*  Pick an agent that works the real estate field you need.  In other words don’t have a realtor that specializes in residential resale, do your rental property management.  I myself specialize in resale, and I can tell you that rentals are not my strong suit, I have no systems in place and as such would not really be able to serve as well as a property management realtor.

Recent Sold homes in Laveen Az
Recent Sold homes – David Baker

*  Knowledge is built not only by studying ones craft but also practicing the craft.  Does an agent with 10 years in the market who averages 1 sale a year, have the same knowledge as an agent that has worked 10 years averaging 20 deals a year.  Look at both those scenarios one agent would have done 10 years the other agent would have done 200 deals.  Who do you think has a better grasp at overcoming obstacles that come up during a real estate transaction, a realtor with experience, or one without?  Simple question, and simple answer, the agent with more transaction is going to have more experience with which to help you in the process.

I have worked in real estate 10 years, and have averaged 40 plus deals a year for the last several years.  As a realtor working the area, I share my knowledge through articles, and even share past client testimonials which you can see below.

Have questions?  Feel free to ask, questions don’t cost a penny, and the answers could save you time and money.



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