Laveen Arizona | One of the best places to consider buying in the Phoenix Arizona area

Laveen Arizona –  One of the best places to consider buying in the Phoenix Arizona Area

Laveen Arizona is one of the best kept secrets in the metro Phoenix area.  While it is very close to the central Phoenix area, it still keeps a certain rural charm.  Till very recently, it was for the most part a rural suburb with a lot of open farms and even a couple of dairies.  Laveen has been, a place with a very easy commute where one can be relatively close to work, and yet enjoy the rural lifestyle.
Laveen Arizona is located in South West Phoenix, bordering the South Mountain preserve on the south end and the Rio salado on the North.  It also stretches from about 27th Ave on the east to 75th ave (and the Indian Reservation) on the west.Laveen Arizona

So why is Laveen Arizona one of the best places to consider for buying property?

The area is really appealing for many reasons.  As mentioned above, the area offers some great commute times, and those are very likely going to be made even shorter once the 202 South Mountain freeway is completed.  The 202 freeway will allow commuters to travel via highway to the central Phoenix area, as well as other suburbs in Phoenix.  So easy commutes is 1.

We also have a lot of outdoor activities one can enjoy as well.  The south mountain preserve on the South end of Laveen gives access to about 17000 acres of mountain preserve, where one can enjoy nature at its finest.  There is MILES upon miles of hiking trails, horseback riding, mountain and road biking options and even many look out areas where one can enjoy the scenery.

One of the main reasons I call it home, is the rural feel.  When I moved to Laveen in 2001, it still had 3 dairies and hundreds of acres of farm land and horse property.  Like living close to the city, yet have the rural feel, then Laveen Arizona is the place to consider.


Homes and property

horse property
Horses chilling at horse property in Laveen Az

Laveen offers a variety of homes, and really also offers a great range in pricing which makes it accessible to many.  One of the great appeals is homes on acreage, horse property and also semi custom and custom homes with incredible city and mountain views.

Link here for custom homes and horse property

Laveen offers some incredible home values!  For many years now Laveen has offered some of the best deals in town, a place where one can really get a LOT of home for the money.   Below you will see some of the statistics for average home prices for the area, as well as a link to homes for sale in different price ranges below.

Link for homes $200K to $300K

Homes priced $300,000 to $400,000

Homes from $400,000 to $500,000

If you are looking for a good deal in your real estate purchase, then Laveen is the place for you to consider.  It has some of the best values around

Land – There are also some great options for buying land, in which case you could also end up building your own custom home.  There are several areas one can look to buy 1 acre parcels, and build upon.  There are some options for land with irrigation, and then also some with out that option.  There are plenty of options, many with city views, and several with incredible mountain views.




Laveen does offer both elementary and high school facilities. The Laveen elementary school district is made up of 8 schools in all at this time, and serves over 7000 students in the area.   The high school have about 3200 students between them.

The schools making up the Laveen elementary district are:

MC Cash Elementary, Rogers Ranch, Vista del Sur, Laveen Elementary, Cheatham Farms, Paseo Pointe School, Trailside Point School, and Desert Meadows School.

The high schools which are within the Laveen boundary area are:

Betty Fairfax and Cesar Chavez High School


Local – About the area | Things that one should know

Cesar Chavez park

While there is many local parks in Laveen, Cesar Chavez is the largest.  As of this time, there is a large dog park which is partitioned into 2 sections.  One section is for large dogs and the other section is for their little counter parts.  Plenty of room for your furry friends to run around and even make some new friends.




South Mountain Preserve

SMEEC – The South Mountain Environmental Education Center, which is located in the South mountain park, is an excellent resource in our area.  It is a great place to go and learn about the desert south west.  They offer tours, classes and even astronomy.

Horseback riding – The South Mountain preserve has over 16000 acres of land, which of course includes miles of trails.  This makes for great horseback riding, which one can do.  The Ponderosa stables is located just beyond the entry to the South Mountain preserve on Central Avenue entrance.  Here one can rent horses and enjoy a great outing.

The 202 south mountain freeway – As of today, the 202 is being built.  By the time you or someone else reads this post it may be open.  The 202 South Mountain freeway will give people in Phoenix the ability to easily travel from the South side of Phoenix (around Ahwatukee) to the Central and West Valley.  Commutes for many Laveen home owners will also be made much more convenient.


Some current information on Real Estate trends

Average days on market

The below graph will show some of the information for Laveen real estate.  Specifically it will look at average days on market.  This will give you an idea of how long it could take (on average) to sell a home in the Laveen area.

Laveen DOM Averages

  • 48.1,41.1,42.9,54.8,74.6,58.1,69.2,60.7,61.4,60.9,52.0,49.4
  • 48.4,41.3,43.6,54.9,71.5,58.2,69.4,60.2,62.3,60.6,51.1,44.7

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2024

Please keep in mind, you will need to know current market value and price it accordingly.


The below graph will show average home sale prices for the Laveen area.  This will of course include all properties sold in the Laveen area, which will include single family, townhomes, custom home and even ranches.  Keep this in mind, it is an average for all properties in area.

If considering selling your Laveen home, make sure to determine your specifics home value.

Laveen Average Sale Prices

  • 478058.36,487473.48,508379.21,508168.15,491383.68,499029.26,515749.43,521191.37,520703.45,519601.91,548337.93,532546.63
  • 482447.01,484175.54,476544.05,475291.62,482514.03,515084.97,485623.59,513696.47,500323.95,513144.80,509300.74,537361.29
  • 449990.00,450000.00,469270.00,469990.00,465000.00,468735.00,480495.00,485745.00,489900.00,487945.00,500000.00,499990.00
  • 429995.00,449500.00,453990.00,459990.00,465000.00,468470.00,475000.00,472450.00,479000.00,488490.00,475000.00,498950.00

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2024


Average list/sale price

The below graph will show the average list to sell price.

Average Original List Price to Sale Price

  • 99.5,98.9,97.5,98.6,99.5,99.4,98.8,97.7,98.5,98.0,97.9,98.1

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2024

Some photos of the Laveen area.




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