August 13


Laveen Az – New Place for Eating Out!!!! – Laveen Az

Laveen Az – New Choice for Eating Out!!!!

laveen Az Wingstop
New Laveen Az Wingstop

I’ve lived in Laveen Az now for over ten years, and one of the regrets I had in the area was lack of places to eat out. I also work in Laveen Az as a realtor, so I like having choices. I moved to Laveen Az in 2001, when most of what is 51st ave and Baseline was fields and land used by a dairy. There was no Frys grocery store, La Fitness or anything else commercial on the 51st and baseline intersection. As a matter of fact, my wife and I had to travel outside of Laveen Az to find anywhere to dine.

I should mention that dining to me is anyplace I like, that I can sit and enjoy a meal. That being said, it does not have to meet any kind of 5 star establishments, but preferably good food at a decent price. So I was happy when Laveen Az started seeing some commercial growth back in early to mid 2000’s. Granted McDonalds was the first place to open, but at least we ended up with other alternatives later like Native New Yorker, Applebee’s, Panda Express and other quick food places.

This last week we have a hew choice for eating out, Wing Stop!! The new Laveen Az wing stop is located at the North West corner of 51st ave and baseline rd. It has an area to dine in with some HD TV’s, and offers beer. Here’s to the new place, cheers.


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