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Laveen home search Tool

Laveen homes for sale search tool

Laveen homes for sale are easy to find with the right tool.  Visiting my website “ you can start your own custom made search.  The above video shows you and walks you through how to conduct a search for homes that meet your specific needs in the Laveen area.

To begin, click on the “search now” button to begin searching for homes.  You’ll have a new page view open that is very similar to what real estate agents use while looking for homes.  Reason is, it is directly controlled by the mls and is the most acurate home search tool available for homes in the area.

The laveen home search tool has criteria going down the left side of the screen to help narrow your search.  To begin, it is a good idea to select area you would like to search.  In this case lets type in Laveen or 85339, the zip code for Laveen Az.  The system on this bar will ask to verify what was typed in, was it a zip code, subdivision, city………etc.  Confirm what your selection is.  Continue to go down the left side selecting those items that best describe what you are looking for in a home.

As you narrow your field by making selections to criteria, the number at the top of the screen will reflect how many homes match your criteria.  To view homes, on top left of screen select “view”.  List of homes will populate so that you may see what homes are available.  To further see description of homes click on hyper linked number at bottom of individual home of interest.  Want to change your search criteria?  At top left select edit and it will take you back to the criteria selection tool.

Save your home search.  Below the edit or view button select save search.  System will need to know who you are so that when you come back your custom search is available to you.  I’m only one with access to this information, and it will not be resold.  As an agent though, I would like to help you find that home, so expect some communication to see if my assistance can get you into that next home.



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