December 30


Laveen Home Values – Values in Laveen Az for Month Ending December 2013

By David Baker


Laveen Home Values, sharing with you the real estate market and values in Laveen Az for month ending December 2013.


As of today, Laveen currently has a total of 187 active homes for sale.  Since this is the year end Laveen Home Values round-up, I’ll also share that we started the year with 90 active homes on the market.  So we have managed to double the amount of homes on the market from the start of the year.

When studying Laveen Home values, one learns the trends.  Of course in Laveen we don’t challenging weather that may slow buyers from looking at homes.  We do though see trends mostly to do with holidays or times that kids are out of school.  We see more home sales in Laveen during the months from April to the end of October.  The rest of the year also has several home sales, but not as many as during the spring, summer and fall.

As of this post in Laveen Home Values blog, the average price per square foot sold is $85.18.  The average sales price in the Laveen Az has been $185,194.   Again, since this is the Laveen Home Values round up for the year, I’ll also mention that values started the year at $140,278.  So for you home sellers out there, this is good news.  This is good news because the Laveen Home Values have risen, and appear to continue to do so.  If you were under water before, and wanted to sell but could not, you may want to check if the value of the home is there now.

Keep in mind that this Blog, Laveen home Values is based on all single family homes sold in Laveen Az.  To get a better idea of your home value, be sure to request a custom home valuation tailored to your specific home.



Laveen Home Values – Values in Laveen Az for month ending December 2013


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