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Living in Laveen AZ – Why choose Laveen Az as a place to call Home?

By David Baker

Laveen AZ is a community in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States, approximately eight miles southwest of Downtown Phoenix between South Mountain and the confluence of the Gila and Salt rivers.  The Laveen AZ area is a great community that offers a wide array of options for the home buyer.  It is only 25 minutes drive from down town Phoenix.  Here you can choose to live on horse property, gated community, golf course home, city view home, mountain view home or more.

Laveen AZ offers a lot of activities for the outdoor enthusiast.  One of the best things close to Laveen is the South Mountain preserve, which is over 16,000 acres of pristine desert land.  Inside there are miles of trails that one could hike and explore.  Also, there are many trails for the mountain biker to enjoy, from easy to extreme.  On some hikes I’ve witnessed some extreme mountain bikers coming down some steep trails jumping heights on a bike that I would NEVER try.  This is stated, just to show how much COOL stuff Laveen has to offer.  Also inside the preserves are miles of single lane paved roads for road bikers to enjoy, and a lot is closed to motorized traffic.  One favorite area for the bikers is the steep climb leading up to the Radio Towers lighting up the South Phoenix sky line.  Good work outs are there for you.

Like being in the outdoors but not in an athletic way?  Fear not, the Laveen area has a couple of great areas for birders and nature watching as well.  Two to consider would be the Rio Salado Parkway which can be accessed at 7th Ave, Central Ave and 7th Street, all at the Rio Salado crossing.  The central Ave area also is home to the local Audubon society and has plenty of trails to enjoy.

Laveen Az
Laveen Az- Laveen is a Great place to live

Laveen AZ is also well known to be a rural community.  Any weekend of the year you can find locals riding horses in and around the area.  For those who’d like to enjoy a horseback ride, but not have to deal with owner ship, there is the local riding stable situated at the Central Ave entry to the South Mountain Preserve.

So many things Laveen AZ offers, that is why I love to live here and work here.  I’ve been a full time realtor for about 10 years, specializing in the South Mountain and Laveen area.  Having also sold many homes over the last several years all over the valley, I can truly say the Laveen area is a best kept secret.

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