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3 Seller Mistakes to Avoid
Even though at date of this blog post inventory in the Laveen and South Phoenix area is low, there are still homes that will sit on the market. This area with its low inventory is in what we realtors call a seller’s market. Many properties will notice this when they receive many home showings and multiple offers on their property. Yet, even with Laveen and South Phoenix being in a seller’s market, it is important for home owners to know some costly mistakes to avoid.
1. Why are you selling your home? Reasons behind your decision to sell your home can affect the home sell itself. What is most important to you in the home sell: is it to net the highest dollar amount possible, or is it to sell the home for the most in the quickest time possible. It is important to know why you are selling your home, and to keep that in mind throughout the process.
2. Make sure you Study before you decide on price. It is important to make sure that you price your home correctly. Many buyers will generally look at 15 to 20 homes before they decide on buying, and they will gain an understanding of value for the market. Your home will be compared to those others homes, so how will it rank. Not ranking favorably can lead to longer times on market, which in turn leads buyers to believe there may be something wrong with the home.
3. Make sure you, or better yet your agent has shared your competition. It is good to know what homes you will be competing against and how you rank. Also, it would be good to review home sales in your area within the last several months.

These are common mistakes that should be avoided. Avoid them and selling your Laveen or South Phoenix home will go much smoother.


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