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Laveen and South Phoenix Values on the Rise

As a realtor in the Laveen and South Phoenix area, I like to keep track of the values of homes over all. Of course anyone not living under a rock saw that prices plummeted in previous years, but that values for the past year have been on the rise. Some of the increase of values, big increase, can likely be attributed to the low inventory we are experiencing. Many buyers under the $200,000 range are finding themselves competing against several others offers when bidding for a home. So, if a buyer wants to get into a house, they may likely have to bid over asking price to get into the home.

What are the average home values right now in Laveen?

As of this week July 15, 2013 the average home price in Laveen is about $169,574. This is about $79 a square foot. What is amazing is the huge increase in values since the start of the year, about 20% in the Laveen area.

What are the average home values right now in South Phoenix?

South Phoenix home values, like Laveen have also been going up. The home values in South Phoenix 85041 zip code are currently averaging about $143,362. The home values in South Phoenix zip 85042 are higher average of about $173008. Much like Laveen, South Phoenix has also seen a large increase in value from the start of this calendar year.

If you’re looking to sell and want to find out the value of your home, don’t go by these numbers. These numbers are looking at the large picture, and when determining your personal home value, you really need to look at a smaller pool of homes similar to your own.


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