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Where is the best place to buy in Phoenix?

So, “where is the best place to buy in Phoenix?”  Of course one must understand, this is a really LOADED question, and there are so many different ways one can answer the question.  There are many that would argue ALL areas of Phoenix are great, but that would not really answer our question of the day.  So, for the purposes of this article we will look at:

  1. Some of the more popular areas of Phoenix
  2. Some of the reasons for its popularity

While this article will briefly touch on the many areas of Metro Phoenix that answer the question “where is the best place to buy in Phoenix?”, each individual section will at some point include links to a larger article on that specific location.  Including in the follow up article will be an in depth look or argument as to why many would consider that location to be a great place to purchase a home or property.  In those lengthier articles we will look at topics such as: location, neighborhood, about area, schools, demographics, home values and market trends and more.


So let’s dive right in and look at some of the best places to buy in Phoenix.  This will include some of the top choices clients of mine have liked over the course of the last several years.


1st place to consider as best place to buy in the Phoenix area | Laveen Arizona

First on my list for a great places to buy in the Phoenix area is Laveen Arizona.  Laveen Az, zip code 85339 is somewhat of a well-hidden secret for the last many years.  Located in South West Phoenix, Laveen is one of the closest suburbs to the Central Phoenix area.  Originally the area was very rural with multiple dairy farms and plenty of farm land.  To this day, Laveen still has 1 dairy and multiple farms that produce different crops such as alfalfa or cotton.

Why consider Laveen Arizona as one of the best places to buy in the Phoenix area?  Well, when it comes down to it Laveen really has a LOT going for it.  Location is ideal, because of proximity to the central Phoenix areas.  Home values, are another big reason.  Laveen Arizona does offer many buyers some of the best values when comparing to other areas in Phoenix.  In other words, you can really get a lot more for your money in Laveen.

In addition the 202 South Mountain freeway will be coming to the area making it even more accessible.  The Arizona department of transportation begun construction of the freeway in 2017, and progress can clearly be seen at this time (1/27/2018).  The freeway will be connecting the I-10 on the South side of Ahwatukee, heading around the South Mountain Preserve along the west side and up around 59th ave all the way up to the I-10 on the west side of Phoenix.

To see my full article on why Laveen Arizona would be a great place to consider when buying, just click.



2nd place to consider as best place to buy in Phoenix area | South Phoenix

South Phoenix area makes it as the 2nd best place to buy property in the metro Phoenix area.  The south Phoenix areas runs from about the I-10 freeway on the east side, to about 27th Ave and the west side.  The southern border would be the south mountain preserve and runs north until the rio salado.  The area is made up of the following zip codes: 85040, 85041, and 85042.

Location is one of the great appeals of the area.  It is located pretty much directly south of down town Phoenix.  Commutes are made very easy due to the multiple ways one can choose to drive.  As many know, Phoenix roadways are mostly a grid of north/south and east/west roads.  For commutes to central Phoenix one could choose from up to 9 main roads to travel, and this would all be main surface street roads.  On average, one could probably make it from any area in South Phoenix to central Phoenix using only surface streets in within 20-25 minutes tops.  So location, and commutes are huge.

The appeal of location is also made larger by the amount of outdoor activities offered in the area.  To begin, it is located at the base of the south mountain preserve, which has over 16,000 acres of undeveloped and pristine desert mountain.  There are tons of places to hike, bike, mountain bike and more, so it makes for a great location for outdoor enthusiast.

Lastly, home values are another great reason to give consideration to South Phoenix as a best place to buy in Phoenix.  Much like Laveen, south Phoenix offers some great deals for home buyers.  One can get more for a home, when comparing to other areas of the valley of the sun.

To see my full article on why South Phoenix would be a great place to consider when buying, just click.


3nd place to consider as best place to buy in Phoenix area | Tempe Arizona

Tempe Arizona is another great place to consider buying a home.  Tempe is located just south east of the central Phoenix area.  Specifically it from about the 101 on the East to the I-10 on the west side.  It also runs from about McDowell Rd on the North end to Ray Rd on the South.

Tempe is home to Arizona State University, all its teachers & faculty, and what is one of the largest student bodies in the United States.  I love the atmosphere in the area that comes with being close to the university.  To begin with, there are all the great sporting events that can be attended.  ASU has great football, basketball, soccer, aquatics and other events one can enjoy.

Tempe really is one of the communities that has it all.  There is a lot of nightlife one can find, especially on Mill Avenue in Central Tempe.  There is also a lot of outdoor activities in the area, walk, hikes, biking, roller blading, or even paddle boarding on the Tempe Town Lake.  City of Tempe also offers a large variety of activities through its recreational centers: soccer, softball, swimming and more.


To see my full article on why Tempe Arizona would be a great place to consider when buying, just click.


4nd place to consider as best place to buy in Phoenix area | Chandler Arizona


Chandler Arizona is another great place to consider purchasing and calling home.  Chandler is located south of Tempe and runs from about Ray Rd to Riggs Rd on the South.  It also runs from about the I-10 on the west to Lindsay on the East.

I lived for a short time in Chandler when I first moved to the valley back in 2001.  It is a great community with a lot to do as well, much like the other communities that have made my list.  Chandler much like Tempe is a well-established suburb, and as such has a lot of offerings.  City offers multiple recreational areas, pools and of course recreational activates.   In addition there are a lot of indoor options for when it gets too HOT to be outdoors, like the Chandler Fashion Center or mall.

Did you know that the city was named after one of the first veterinary settlers to the area?  It is true, a man by the name of Alexander Chandler.  It may be for this very reason, that Chandler is such a pet friendly community, right?

To see my full article on why Chandler would be a great place to consider when buying, just click.



5th top place to consider as best place to buy in Phoenix area | Ahwatukee Arizona

There are many options as you can see, but another place on might consider to purchase a property would be Ahwatukee Arizona.

Ahwatukee is what is referred to as an Urban Village of Phoenix.  It is the southernmost part of the city of Phoenix.  It is bordered on the East by the I-10, on the West by the Indian reservation, on the North by the South Mountain preserve and on the South the Indian reservation.  In a way it is very much isolated from the rest of Phoenix due to the Mountain range.

As it sits on the foothills of the south Mountain preserve, it has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts.  The south Mountain preserve is a great place for biking, mountain biking, hiking, jogging, mountaineering, and just over all enjoyment of the outdoors.  I will also say, it has some nice golf courses too!

I have sold many homes in the Ahwatukee area, and I love the variety of home that is offered within the community.  While many of my top choices offer many of the same choices, such as condos, townhomes, single family and even luxury, Ahwatukee has a little of it all.  There are some communities that are on golf courses, some that are on a lake, some priced average for the area, and some luxury homes that will knock your socks off.  Great choices!

To see my full article on why Ahwatukee Arizona would be a great place to consider when buying, just click.


6th top place to consider as best place to buy in Phoenix area | Central Phoenix

Central Phoenix also makes my top five list of where to consider buying in the Phoenix area.  As the name implies, the area is the central part of the entire Metro Phoenix area.  Central Phoenix goes from about Bethany Home Rd on the North to Lower Buckeye on the South.  It also extends from about 32nd street on the east side to about 35th avenue on the west side.

The energy and the current transformation is really one of the fantastic aspect I like about the central Phoenix area.  Central Phoenix has gone through a period of revitalization, and some really great things are happening.  First to happen in the area was the addition of the downtown ASU campus.  While I can’t say I’m an expert as to what the University offers, I do have knowledge that the campus offers some of the following degrees: nursing, health solutions, journalism, teachers college and a few more.

Another addition to the central Phoenix area was Copper Square.  For the longest time the only game in town was the Phoenix suns stadium and then nothing…….  When the copper square area was built up the downtown area became hip again and the area flourished.  Now the down town area offers a nightlife, professional sports, comedy clubs, bowling alleys, coffee shops and so much more.

The neat thing for anyone considering a move into the Central Phoenix area is that the rejuvenation is NOT over. I still see many buyers, and investors buying older homes and fixing them up.  The area offers museums, art galleries, plenty of eating and entertainment options.  In all, with more coming to the area and the growth evident to anyone who cares to drive around and see – this is a great area to consider.

To see my full article on why Central Phoenix would be a great place to consider when buying, just click.


There are some truly great places in metro Phoenix, and deciding on which area to consider for the purchase of your home can be difficult. The above are my top choices for where I would consider buying.  I can say that there are certainly many other wonderful areas that could be considered, and it really would depend on what specifically each and every buyer is looking for in the search for a home.  Some come to the area for seasonal reasons that include no shortage of being on the golf course for days on end.  Others come to Phoenix specifically to enjoy spring training and then may consider doing VRBO (vacation rentals by owner) for the rest of the year.  Yet others are indeed looking for a place to call home, and are looking for proximity to things such as: work, the airport, the mountain range, shopping, specific school districts, close to one of the universities, or maybe just looking for housing that is both comfortable and affordable.  There is something for EVERYONE in Phoenix and the top choices above are not the only ones, they are just my top choices.  If looking to buy a home in the Phoenix metro area or suburbs, give me a call, I’d love to talk about what would be the ideal home for you.






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